Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I've sold the weights

Oh boy, this used to be me
a long time ago
Now, not waking up with an aching back
and trick knee
is an accomplishment
True, I'm thinner now
but it's more like
Saggy Baggy Elephant
My husband and I don't eat out much anymore
too much food, and he likes my cooking better
He's still not retired
what will I do when he is following me around the house
I like my quiet time
Sometimes I binge watch English mysteries
and boy have I learned that I could never write a mystery
at least not the English type
I never figure out the murderer
I have let my life be run by others
that has to stop a bit
or Ill shrink away to nothing
...not even saggy baggy left


  1. I encouraged my retired husband to get an easy part-time job. We both kept our sanity. lol!

  2. What are you really good at and what do you really love to do? Focus on those and chuck all the rest!

    Go Suz!!!!

  3. I use to be good with old people until my mom got old. 🙈

    1. It happens. I hear you on that one. Sounds like you've figured it out. Sounds wonderful over there. They way life is meant to be lived.

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