Friday, June 15, 2012

photographer unknown to me...a friend sent me a bunch of creative

I reached for the moon
thought I'd  make a pizza pie
slices of wonder


  1. Love this... reach for the stars!! Err, moon :)

  2. Ha, I did make a pizza pie last night! And in reaching for the moon, it was delicious.
    And you would be proud of me - I invited a friend to share it. Now there's some reachin' for ya'!

    Sending you lots of love :)

    1. ah Live.....I am proud of you
      for that is living......sharing with others
      your gifts of home and your table
      keep reaching.......Ill bet you look prettier today for it

  3. ha...a pizza of the sun might be fun...just be careful not to burn your lips...smiles...

  4. Being a moon worshiper, I love this. How are you dear one?

    1. I love the moon too....thanks
      I am doing fine..the sadness is draining to that quiet place...but my daughter, my poor she suffers still.....and you a just heartbreaking to watch and not be able to do a will take time
      thanks for asking

  5. This photo is such a great concept for photography. Using the size of different things together and taking a picture of someone from behind, with only back light is intriguing. It gives me IDEAS.
    Love the post. Love the 5-7-5 haiku.

  6. i needed that slice of wonder too...



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