Friday, January 25, 2013

 If you have ever read my other garden blog
you might just know that I have been feeding a feral cat for years and years
we have a staring relationship
He stares through the glass until I get him warm chicken
But since it has been so cold I have put out some dry food for him
and yesterday
if you read my know that I went to a lovely affair with my Prince
.....just as we were about to leave, he looked out the door
and gasped..
Really, he said...I think your mink has arrived
What are you talking about? i asked as I went to the door
And mother may I.....there eating Handsome's food was a mink
....we don't have mink here
We thought it to be a weasel...but no, it was a mink
with an injury to its fur around its neck
Good golly
We watched it struggle to eat the dry found
and then it hopped away in a funny front leg than back leg prance
....I really need to turn off the WELCOME light

What a way to begin our evening

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I actually have to get dressed up tonight hard being 62 is
takes a whole lot more of makeup & jewelry
I'm still adjusting to my new haircut
I now go to Douglass...a self proclaimed dancing queen
I think we are a match
He drives the same kind of car that I do....
oh honey...we are going to get along...he said
when he saw my car...and my leopard car mats
Yeah, I still have a tince of rebel in me
But back to tonight....
It's not a fancy fancy gathering....but fancy enough
.....shucks...I haven't worn my heels in a long time
......that is truly a disgrace and a breaking of my personal rules

Oh how have I strayed so far from what I love to be?

I went to the walking track this morning.....been doing it daily...yeah!
..But it's harder to go an hour
my feet hurt, my shins bellyache
and sucks
walking with flaxen-haired little winged Mercuries
flashing by me with those cute shorts...
that I used to wear....oh woe
I am happy to get into my yoga pants a better word

So tonight may actually be a good thing.
Though I won't be the babe I once my mind anyway
I still was able to get my feet into those heels ones with sparkles
and it felt good....
.I should do this more often.....

I know my Prince would agree.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

watch out Laguna Beach
two new purple belts
are on the loose


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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