Tuesday, October 25, 2011

reflection is a B

glass ,mirror, window
yesterday, now, tomorrow
a reflection stew


Magpie Tale #88

Thursday, October 20, 2011

this time humans won
ducks  hung like war prisoners
some pigs more equal

magpie tale #87

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have been so busy this week....all good things
and now...right now....their flight has landed from Laguna Beach, California
It is cold and very windy in Chicago
wind gusst of 50-60 mph
I hope they've brought their coats....
In kid life it has been ages since I last saw them..so many changes I'm sure
and my heart is swelling so much it hurts...I swear it does
it pinches with delight....in about an hour they will be here
How I have missed them

Monday, October 10, 2011

Are You Talkin' to Me?

Magpietale #86


When I awoke the room was illuminated by the harsh light of the overhead fixture dangling above the table in my one room cold water flat. A third floor cold water flat. I was still here. How could this be? I had eaten an entire king-sized bag of Gummy Bears...surely this should have been enough to end my misery, my pitiful existence.
But low and behold, on my kitchen table,on my folded New York Times, stood a tiny plump king with a royal red velvet robe and scepter that he held behind his back.
"Are you quite finished now,trying to off yourself with Gummy Bears?" I heard him ask.
I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and blinked to make sure that he was still there and not a remnant of my fractured mind. "Are you talkin' to me?" I stammered.
He motioned with the finger on his right finger while still holding the scepter in his left. First, he pointed to his chest,then he pointed two fingers to his eyes,and finally he pointed one finger right back to me.
"I'm watching you. Now, I want you to drink of this cup of hot coco. Do you know what you would have missed if you were successful at offing yourself?"
"No," I said sipping from the cup.
"Here,"put on these bunny slippers, your feet must be cold from all that sugar."
"Sure," I said,slipping them over my Batman socks. "What would I have missed?" I continued asking while blowing on my cup of hot coco.
"The end of the world."
I just sat there and looked at this tiny despot standing on my newspaper. "Oh, that's funny," I said, then flicked the little guy off of my newspaper and into the black void of the room. Suddenly,everything went into total darkness and images of my life flashed before me like lightening strikes.In the distance I could hear a howl ever increasing in decibels...coming from all corners of  my flat. Everything turned upside down and furniture slammed to the ground and I knew not up from down.
"Little King,Little King...save me!" I yelled into the abyss surrounding me.
"Are you ready to grow up? That is the price."
"Yes,yes, I'll grow up."
"No more gummy Bears to push down the pain?"
"No,no more Gummy Bears, I promise."
"Okay then,follow me...and a brilliant light opened up and I felt myself rising and dipping in waves of blue and I slipped under them, and as they separated,I tumbled over and over until I landed in a garden,naked as a jaybird and some guy leaned over me and breathed into my nostrils the breath of life ....and I became a living soul.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Oh my,
what I did yesterday...
What a wonderful afternoon
spending time with girlfriends
who are die-hard romantics
watching THIS movie
We took a vote
we all would have chosen the phantom
(based on abs and rear)
and that red outfit
Did I mention
that we are known to be shallow on some things?

It is hard sometimes to make plans
to get together....everyone having to be here or there
but we insist on it from time to time
and my wonderful friend, Karen,
is a fabulous cook....and she has the biggest TV
so she graciously hosts our gatherings
Bless her
What would a woman's life be
 without girlfriends?
I don't want to know.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I made a promise to myself that I will fully embrace
the coming seasons...no regret...no looking back...no longing held onto
I will jump right in and enjoy the things of THIS season
and her in Illinois we are lucky to have seasons.....in their entirety
My son prefers mild changes in season....like tis a bit chilly to sunbathe on the deck today
My husband and I were talking last night about how as children we experienced the seasons so much more,
why was that?
It was tactile. We walked everywhere.
Even when it rained....which it did often in spring...but we splashed in puddles and carried our little umbrellas while observing  bushes on our way... open up with fragrant flowers..more beautiful each day...and  birds singing in the trees.... and longer days of daylight
And I loved it when the sparrows gathered in a nicely clipped bush chattering away building condo nests...a heavenly sound to my little ears
 In summer we sweated in the hot sun playing outside...we got dirty....we cooled off with the hose and lemonade
we chased around and climbed trees and waded through creeks..we got wet in the lake and had sand in our toes....
In Fall we raked leaves and jumped in piles of them...we inhaled the wonderful smell of them burning...
We had to put on wonderful warm sweaters and ate homemade soup....walking home from school was a delight for the  senses.....brilliant colors of crimson and gold leaves twirled around us as we made our way home.... thoughts of the upcoming day of endless candy...what would we be?....a princess, a cowboy, a hobo,a ghost,a witch,....Dracula?...whichever one it was it was homemade. And going to Lutheran school we were directed to the historical facts of the Reformation
95 thesis nailed to the church door
 scripture,faith and grace alone
A Mighty Fortress is our God sung over and over
endless rehearsals for Reformation  service
I look back on that part of fall fondly....shocks many people that I do
I never experienced church as oppressive
only joyful....though it did interfere with candy begging on the 31st of October
But that is another topic.....I only wish to express how much season played a part
 in my life as a child

I think I'll take a long walk today
observe the season as it unfolds before me
It is going to be warm and sunny today
but the leaves have quickly turned colors and are already falling
the geese are forming v patterns above and are honking
the robins are quickly bathing for their long trip
and eating a lot of berries.....the hawk has returned to the garden
and the yard birds are waiting outside my window begging for a nash
in the feeders
I better get out there
soon there will be other things
of another season...and I don't want to miss any of it

Monday, October 3, 2011

a walk down Ravenswood

We went to an artwalk yesterday....beautiful day for it
good to get outside and explore
There was this poster that struck me as funny...being on a healthy program
yeah, I should think of food as art....savoring every last morsel
presentation emphasis

 This wall with ivy stretching across and up it was a delight for the wee artist in me

as was this street scene of parents
I love the look on the baby's face while his father is intense
busy creating art on the sidewalk with chalk.....

All in all a wonderful day with family
I came home with some wonderful pieces of re-purposed jewelry
and Finn came home with a wee chair purchased by grandpa

which he quickly used to sit and listen to the band

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trunk Down

There are times I wish to say
Cross that bridge when you come to it
and other times I just wade
 into rippling waves not fearing the drop off
but then this real thing happens and it could be
devastating if I ignore it
or push down its seriousness
All these burdens
being a grown up
old woman even
You would think by now life's choices
would be simple and divine
that I could wear purple when ever I please
but life is not a haiku or a short story
that you can direct...edit..or delete
Ah, if only this elephant would sprout wings
and fly

Saturday, October 1, 2011

glory goes on all around us
even on an ordinary street
in an ordinary suburb
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