Monday, October 3, 2011

a walk down Ravenswood

We went to an artwalk yesterday....beautiful day for it
good to get outside and explore
There was this poster that struck me as funny...being on a healthy program
yeah, I should think of food as art....savoring every last morsel
presentation emphasis

 This wall with ivy stretching across and up it was a delight for the wee artist in me

as was this street scene of parents
I love the look on the baby's face while his father is intense
busy creating art on the sidewalk with chalk.....

All in all a wonderful day with family
I came home with some wonderful pieces of re-purposed jewelry
and Finn came home with a wee chair purchased by grandpa

which he quickly used to sit and listen to the band


  1. It was a much nicer day in your neck of the woods than in mine! Didn't stop raining all weekend. And it was COLLLDDDD!!

    Love the ivy, love the families out and about, but most of all love that sweet little Finn! He is so cute with his new chair :)

  2. Oh, I really love that poster. Love it! And you, too, my friend.

  3. what fun! love doing some sidewalk that was a blast...and live music...all about poster is def an art i enjoy...smiles.

  4. Good ending - all in all a good day with family... Love that!


  5. I like the poster--Food really is art, and one I love to indulge myself in! :-)

    Our weather was cold and rainy all weekend--I'm glad that somewhere it was a beautiful and enjoyable one!!

  6. Wonderful Suz, thank you for sharing. The wee man is cute on his chair!


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