Friday, October 7, 2011


Oh my,
what I did yesterday...
What a wonderful afternoon
spending time with girlfriends
who are die-hard romantics
watching THIS movie
We took a vote
we all would have chosen the phantom
(based on abs and rear)
and that red outfit
Did I mention
that we are known to be shallow on some things?

It is hard sometimes to make plans
to get together....everyone having to be here or there
but we insist on it from time to time
and my wonderful friend, Karen,
is a fabulous cook....and she has the biggest TV
so she graciously hosts our gatherings
Bless her
What would a woman's life be
 without girlfriends?
I don't want to know.


  1. A magical time with friends, wonderful.

  2. oh John he's a they grow them there like that one?

  3. This post makes me miss my friend of 45 years who no longer speaks to me. Sad, but things sometimes change.

  4. "My wonderful friend". I s there any more comforting phrase in the English language?

  5. Watching a movie together just does the trick, doesn't it?
    We have seen the same movie,btw.
    If you have not seen the theater version of Phantom, try to. It's breathtaking.

  6. girlfriends. thank goodness for them. xo

  7. Sounds like a great time was had by all!

  8. Shallow's fine....just make sure the pool isn't EMPTY!!

  9. Who's in that movie? I've seen the old version and the musical, but not this movie! And oh, my gosh, you are a sassy little thing! Your girlfriends remind me of my sisters and me... we're like school girls when we watch Shakespeare in Love...

    LOVED this post :-)

  10. Girlfriends are THE best.

    Thanks for following Ratty's progress. He's a wee bit stronger today.

    Best wishes Isabel x

  11. My life would be so much less without friends. Good friends are the icing on cake.. the roses in our garden.
    Sounds like you had a great time. I must find this version. If the Phantom actor is a Scot... I'm all over that movie.

  12. without friends? mmm... that's difficult... glad you girls are having fun from time to time...


  13. girlfriends are essential! More essential with every passing year!
    I loved your post on the seasons. Although our unseasonably cold fall here in Utah has irked me, the days still have beauty, it will warm up soon, at least for a little while and even snowy winter has some delights!

  14. Nothing quite like spending time with "the girls", the connections are wonderful even after many years of knowing each other.

  15. I teach with mostly women and boy do we have fun!

  16. You sound like a great bunch ~ what lovely get togethers ~ used to go to a ladies/girl,friends house for mums meetings /who used to host she was a fab cook/baker (in work was professional) cakes were Ohh can't tell you ~ but when we had our meetings her house was always packed ~ yes can't beat the support and friendship of good friends ~ speaking of which ~ would like to thankyou Suz for visiting and great tips for haikus from my write ~ so appreciate it ~ sorry it has taken me so long to get back ~
    but I've just brewed us a nice pot of tea *passing you a nice china cup* cheers ~
    Love Lib x x


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