Saturday, November 29, 2014

and then there were 4

Early Thanksgiving morning, while it was still dark
while we were hurrying to leave the house to head to our home in Galena
I found a precious kitten had passed away during the night
I cried so hard
We called him Artful Dodger...Artie for short
Rest in peace little one....
life is so unfair

where we are born
to whom we are born
the worth of our birth
so random
But Little kitty, you were loved by me
and for this I can take comfort

Friday, November 21, 2014


You can't imagine how exhausted I am
dead tired
but I got him...the last hold out
who sob sob spent the frigid night outside all by himself
I would tell you about the comedy routine it was watching the last two
try and get the food out of the trap without going inside
ha!...don't they know the trap maker figured that one out
but it was pure giggles watching it
Finally the little gray one just had to go in....snap!
I got him right away...but that sent the big one I call
Joey white toes
sent him under the deck
...until this morning
when he finally came out from under the deck
and he too let his hunger get the best of him
and believe me...he wasn't the last one trapped for nothing
what a toughie....I really had my hands full with that little guy
and scratches to prove it
but all is calm for now
they're eating, sleeping playing
and watching tv
Mom and dad....Fiona and Ralphie
are safe downstairs recuperating
and now to get ready for daughter in law and the kids to arrive tonight
..I told you I'm exhausted
thanks for listening
I'm sorry I've bored you about my troubles
..because I know most people don't care for cats
....but maybe you care about me
so thanks

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I got two
one last cried all night for its mom
an eerie sad call
My husband, of all people went downstairs and held it for twenty minutes
holding it and comforting he thinks he's the cat whisperer
Early this morning I put out another trap
and phew the kittens came flying out of the igloo on the deck..ha ha
they are smart ones afterall...there's a warm pad in there
I put the trap out and bam I got one right away
I have trapped the two small females....hmmm
I picked up Henry Ralph and Fiona this morning
they are resting in a large dog crate.....cost me big bucks here
Now there are 3 traps outside
it is cold but sunny...and when I got back from the clinic
the three remaining kittens were running up and down my horsechestnut tree
I tell you....this has been the hardest thing for me to do...trap an animal
I am a wreck
but I have succeeded thus far
rescuing two adult cats from continuous kittens and hunger, disease, and injury 
and kittens who were doomed to have maybe an even harder life
through no fault of their own....dumb people who value nothing
OH....I got another one
bye! !!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I got 2
5 to go....but 5 little ones
This is not pictures of them, only what they look like
they are in traps in my basement and garage
that are draped in heavy blankets to quiet them in darkness
The kittens are alone outside
I was hoping to get them first, but I am happy to have gotten anyone
I guess sardines is the trick
I transport them tomorrow at 6:30 am to a low cost feral clinic
for spaying and neutering
I bought a large dog crate to house them in while they recover
and I hope to get the kittens tomorrow
Oh and my mom's test came back fine
She's in better health than me
It was a welcome distraction today taking her for her test
She is sympathetic about the felines
My son...who just arrived from California
thinks his mom is nuts 
maybe I am
but I'm too far in to turn back

gin joint

I didn't seek this or want this
I didn't let my cat out or dump it unspayed

to have kittens
in someone else's garden
other people did this to these poor creatures
But of all the gin joints in the town they walked into mine
When I was 12 I used to see this little boy on my walk home
He always waited for me and walked alongside of me the length of his block
It got cold and he showed up with a too short coat with no buttons
and he didn't have a hat or gloves
it was so cold that I took him home
I shutter to think of what I did looking back
asking a small child to come home with me
But I did
and I took him in the house, made him some hot chocolate
while I found mittens and a hat for him
and went into my mother's button tin and found buttons
to sew on his coat
Then I walked him back home
and I don't think anyone missed him
but he was warm and happy
His name was Mikey
I have not changed
Wish me luck today....I am setting up the traps
what I'll do after that...I am not sure
I hope I get the kittens first
they still have a chance at a home
The other two....they are doomed to be feral cats
But I am taking on the task
they will be under my care
and I don't know how I'll handle all of this
but these are the least of these
and like with Mikey
I will

Monday, November 17, 2014

It's going to be 1 degree wind chill tonight
11 degrees actual temp
and I have 5 little fur balls under my deck
who the mom keeps moving back and forth between my deck and my neighbor's
Finally she brought them to eat....showed them the food bowl
and they haven't stopped eating
they love the warm chicken I provide
I went to the feral cat class to learn how to trap them
....these women have been in the biz a long time
they talk about the cats like they are nothing me ...I have an emotional investment in their wellbeing right now
...yesterday the mom cat was on to me and hid the kittens
....and then both my daughters showed up with kids
and there went that...
I missed this morning's spay appointment
try again Tuesday the woman at the clinic said
what if I get a kitten first....which I would bring inside and try to get it used to people
so it can have a chance at getting a home with a family
not to live its life outside as a feral
I am certain the mom will hide them from me or disappear
only.....I have the warm chicken
Oh I have a stomach ache thinking about all this responsibility
and to make things worse....what do I do with mom after I take her in
with entire belly this cold...oh dear...
and My family is coming in from California for Thanksgiving and we are going to galena
what will I do with a cat or kitten if I catch it?
I know you can't help me....but I just have to get it out
oh dear...would you believe I just looked out my patio door and there is another
cat looking in?

Monday, November 10, 2014

yep,those be kittens

good golly
why me?
I thought she just looked Prego... then not
She continued to come around 3 times a day ...ravenous
but no kittens
until yesterday
when I looked out and saw four
then later the black cat escorted a little orange one over
from my neighbors deck
so far 5 little felines
Oh dear and winter is just around the corner
I am now in contact with the local feral cat rescue
I don't like to do it but I have to save the babies
and then I will take on caring for the two adults
who will be neutered
such a thing...I have to pay for all of this
good thing I have a wonderful husband who cares about animals
and me and my heart
The little gray one with two white toes on his back feet and one white toe on his front paw
has stolen my heart.....
But I have order in my house
and bringing in another one would possibly cause chaos
Remember that all the cats I have..3...
are rescued
and I had 3 summers of finding kittens homes
you run out of kind friends
And remember my beloved Handsome who I took care of for 10 years
and Beautiful ...and so many other wayward felines and two dogs
My family is coming for Thanksgiving from California
and I have to help my mother take her driver's test and some medical tests
and my daughter is sick and could use my help with Walter
heavens to Betsy......
and I am leading my book club discussion on Labor Day by Joyce Maynard
on Friday's all about love

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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