Tuesday, November 18, 2014

gin joint

I didn't seek this or want this
I didn't let my cat out or dump it unspayed

to have kittens
in someone else's garden
other people did this to these poor creatures
But of all the gin joints in the town they walked into mine
When I was 12 I used to see this little boy on my walk home
He always waited for me and walked alongside of me the length of his block
It got cold and he showed up with a too short coat with no buttons
and he didn't have a hat or gloves
it was so cold that I took him home
I shutter to think of what I did looking back
asking a small child to come home with me
But I did
and I took him in the house, made him some hot chocolate
while I found mittens and a hat for him
and went into my mother's button tin and found buttons
to sew on his coat
Then I walked him back home
and I don't think anyone missed him
but he was warm and happy
His name was Mikey
I have not changed
Wish me luck today....I am setting up the traps
what I'll do after that...I am not sure
I hope I get the kittens first
they still have a chance at a home
The other two....they are doomed to be feral cats
But I am taking on the task
they will be under my care
and I don't know how I'll handle all of this
but these are the least of these
and like with Mikey
I will


  1. Oh fingers crossed that everything works out fine.

  2. Oh Suz, you have the kindest heart. I have been in your shoes. I once had 6 ponies (kittens) galloping through my house for weeks! I did manage to place all of them, well, yeah, three stayed with me!
    Love and hugs to you.

  3. Suz your actions say it all, even from being a young girl!

  4. Sue...you are so so special. I am honored to have you in my life.


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