Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I got 2
5 to go....but 5 little ones
This is not pictures of them, only what they look like
they are in traps in my basement and garage
that are draped in heavy blankets to quiet them in darkness
The kittens are alone outside
I was hoping to get them first, but I am happy to have gotten anyone
I guess sardines is the trick
I transport them tomorrow at 6:30 am to a low cost feral clinic
for spaying and neutering
I bought a large dog crate to house them in while they recover
and I hope to get the kittens tomorrow
Oh and my mom's test came back fine
She's in better health than me
It was a welcome distraction today taking her for her test
She is sympathetic about the felines
My son...who just arrived from California
thinks his mom is nuts 
maybe I am
but I'm too far in to turn back


  1. You are not nuts...you are a heart on two feet!

  2. Love it Suz, just the way you are, a great person who is consistent with love.

  3. Happy for your Mom! And...you know sons just have to say that some times....


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