Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paint What You Love..Magpie tale # 106

Magpie Tale # 106

In the middle of the night genius struck. But he was out of supplies and needed to make a run to the store. He had the essentials: paper towels, a six-pack of Coke,and the ever important,cheap bottle of champagne.
He never intended to buy soup, oh no, he was a man of discipline...and soup wasn't on the list. But a sudden ache in his belly reminded him that he hadn't eaten all day. And the neat little rows of soup cans looked oh so much like obedient soldiers, their packaging like little uniforms, professing their allegiance to the ordinary, of his life, everyday.
He quietly tumbled 20 cans of soup into his cart. 


Friday, February 24, 2012

I must begin again
myself away from this sword that hangs above me
soon enough it will let loose and find me
but for now why live in its shadow
take hold of what is this moment
garb myself with coat and mittens and boots
step outside and feel the day
get lost in snow and cold
hear the birds
watch the squirrels
be aware of breath
hear it speak
going down deep inside
to nourish every cell of my being
Then suddenly I am there
that I am so much more than this moment
brimming delicious
hello sunshine hippie chick
she is always and never the same
one hot mama of autumn awakenings
hello sunshine, beautiful dreamer
Live life with flair
let your inner artist emerge
...the bar has been raised
love the in betweens
celebrate love
live free
fire in her soul
you're unforgettable
  I secretly wish I
file under M
..more moments
like these.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I never aspired to much
except to being a good human being of faith,
a good mother, wife
I took life as it came
and sometimes it was hard
but I kept aspiring
Love, my constant fuel
to get through some dark times

Later in life I discovered
I had a creative side...more than just
making the home a comforting, welcoming place to come place to
I called it sanctuary
and more than just providing nourishing meals for my brood
more than any of that
I rolled in creativity like a dog in muddy grass
a cat in catnip
rolled and rolled and rolled
I never aspired to anything else here either
just added a few more things to do to be happy

But low and behold
One day I became a grandmother
and everything changed
is what I aspire to excell in
grandmother hood....
I have found the land where I belong
and sadly, this land has its sorrow too
But I take life as it comes...
with an attitude of grace and love
and trust that God leads me
and does not fail me

Feeling low and sad lately
in my land where I belong
I got Skyped by a little smiling face last night
"Grandma! we're coming!...for 3 weeks!
and we're bringing Dutchie!
Dutch is the bulldog above...hee hee
What and when will I tell the kitties?

I needed this sunshine
and He was faithful to provide
now....to get ready
they are coming March 31!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

 so much held inside
a life and death miracle
the days tick on so

Every child is a miracle
that knitting together of DNA
that sometimes
goes all wrong
and yet you love
and you suffer...,
for this miracle that is

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Magpie Tale # 105


He knew it was odd,
that it didn't belong there
on the side of the road
out in the middle of nowhere,
that they don't exist anymore,
and they were never lit with neon light.
But he wanted to believe
and he yielded to the temptation
to check it out and rode his bike along side of it
and stood there not knowing what to do.
And that's when he saw the prophet's image
in the glass just as the phone rang.
He leaned in and grabbed the black receiver
without thinking of the consequences.
"Hello," he said.
And as he did, the neon light began to pulsate,
and the booth shook and a howling sound sucked him inside.
He screamed, but no one heard him but
...the voice on the other end...
"Number please,"
He screamed and screamed and screamed as he felt his ear sucked into the receiver,
then his head, shoulders, hips and legs.
One last scream as the rest of him followed,
until he was no more.

The booth stopped shaking
 and the neons stilled themselves
...lighting up on the dirt road like a beacon in the night
 for the next believer.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Now that I have my body moving again
now that I am in tune with it
a sensual feeling
I need to get the outside corrected
red polish on toes
gold hoops in ears
Euphoria wafting around me
I need to get some more blonde in hair
I went darker...low lights...for the winter
I'm a blonde
and today I head downtown to see Tom
he'll fix me right up
and then I will return home
casting spells


Thursday, February 16, 2012

soup and short story

Some days you wake up
and know that it is going to be a good one
It is something inside of you, or least me
I know my troubles are not gone, but today, I will put them in a quiet place
and make soup.
Up at 6 AM this morning to see my husband off to work
to share a few precious moments of being
I started my day with a hot cup of coffee
and a book of poems.....
I fed the cats, the birds,the squirrels, and took a walk outside
in the garden to feel the day
on my skin, breath in its energy
The morning sun shone through raindrops that hung
on bare branches and dried flowers
oh such beauty in a drop
Then it was back inside
to make soup.
I chose this one because that is what I need to use up
...carrots and celery
and besides, it is one of my husband's favorites

When I am finished with this quick delish soup
I will hit the computer to finish writing a short story I have been working on
about a little girl that disappeared
...seems I can't get away from writing about little girls lately
oh well...that must be where the energy is....

ah energy.....I knew it this morning the moment I awoke

oh...and the yoga is helping tremendously
I'm feeling younger....;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a day of love

I spent Valentine's day at a funeral
an elder of my extended family
My sister-in-law took care of her mother faithfully
for 4 1/2 years.. when she had been stricken down by a stroke
The service was held in a Lutheran church
all the trimmings, as they say
The trip to the cemetery was short
and the walk to the grave site short also
so many elderly who braved the snow and cold to say goodbye
The meal afterwards, the usual: beef, chicken,mostacolli,mashed potatoes/gravy
hot rolls,warm beef vegetable soup and salad
Watching my brothers, one who just had open heart surgery...
tired and weak, but there. The other, legally blind,sick with a very bad cold, but radiating
Watching my mother, worrying about them
Sitting next to my husband, squeezing my hand under the table
knowing my very thoughts of fragility of life
each of us suffering our own heartache to come

Our first breath we take in from God
our last breath we return to God

 These moments
 birth and death
They are written in the book

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

blogger connections
many of them become friends
caring keyboard kin

To all of you who have reached
beyond the posts
I luv you

Be My Valentines

Monday, February 13, 2012

Magpie tale # 104

She dreamt that all the lives that she had led
lay under her like a heap of genocide
Naked on her bed, her hair spread out
like Medusa tendrils,
 a dismembered part of her
reached up and pulled her under
darkness swallowing her heart of stone

Saturday, February 11, 2012

 forgottern sadness
beholding joy with feathers
in an instant,gone

Thursday, February 9, 2012

may my roots hold me

My gentle slide back into practise
 has had rather quick results
as far as my muscles are concerned
The pigeon pose/kapotasana, that I added last night
hit that piriformis just right
and I got some relief from my aching leg and hip
So feeling a bit cocky this morning
I added the tree pose/vrikshaasana
As expected I found that my right side is much stronger than my left
(as it is in my brain)

I think this is enough adding of poses
now to continue to show up
find balance

for my aching heart

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

oh, my aching hip flexors


Why is it so hard to practise
that which is good for us?
We never think about the harmful things
we do
like overeating
sendentary living
We never question those choices
we just do it
But the body is calling out for
So this morning I took a step to recovery
I began with tadasana/mountain pose
omg....boy, I am beginning this not a minute too soon
30-60 hold...in proper form...ooo
next, onto
padangusthasana/forward bend/ finger to toe
big omg!
but the stretch feels so good
maybe the pain in my leg will lift
with this stretch
Now onto Child's pose,then Corpse
Okay...okay....it's a start
maybe if I do this every morning for a week
I will salute the sun
...if we ever get any


Monday, February 6, 2012

magpie tale 103

truth can be unholdable
piercing and impaling
we reach for it
its shards slicing us down
to our held beliefs
sometimes to our brilliant graves


Saturday, February 4, 2012

holding your children
ability to carry
all their life of them

Friday, February 3, 2012

lonely evening walk
water vapor condenses
evening clouds of thought

Oh, how I love foggy nights
Last night before turning in, I glanced out of the bedroom window
and there it was....that mysterious atmosphere
 light and fog mingling like a magic show
If it hadn't been so late I might have put on my shoes and walked in it
enter a world often ignored or feared
I remember being afraid of it when I was small
expecting Dracula or the werewolf or Frankenstein
to appear
And it can be horrific to drive in it....just think about the horror in Florida this past week

But have you ever walked a city street
 surrounded by it?
It has an exciting still quiet about it

I could walk for miles

 this wonderful photo from google images
 by Daniel Seguin..Stranger in the fog

Thursday, February 2, 2012

busy hands still mind
 iron glides across the board
pressing out my thoughts

My wonderful,loving,teddy bear of a brother
is recovering just fine
Doctor says it's all in his attitude
My sister-in-law said he sang into the nebulizer this morning
ha!....he's an old rocker from the 60's....heavy metal kind
and he's still at it....living his dream..singing and writing songs

I just know that his presence will touch someone there in the hospital that needs it
he's just that kind of a wonderful human being....
Thank you for your warm kind words and prayers for my brother and me
I needed them

Today I am going to iron
let my thoughts wander
where they will....
and where they want
if I just let go

Holding an iron is much like holding a pen
things happen
things get released
things are unearthed
but in the end, in a quiet room
filled with luxurious steam
smelling oh so clean
fabrics get the wrinkles out
whether it's my good tablecloth
or the heart aching fabrics of my life


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

she drains into me
I collect and channel her
words into my sea

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