Thursday, February 16, 2012

soup and short story

Some days you wake up
and know that it is going to be a good one
It is something inside of you, or least me
I know my troubles are not gone, but today, I will put them in a quiet place
and make soup.
Up at 6 AM this morning to see my husband off to work
to share a few precious moments of being
I started my day with a hot cup of coffee
and a book of poems.....
I fed the cats, the birds,the squirrels, and took a walk outside
in the garden to feel the day
on my skin, breath in its energy
The morning sun shone through raindrops that hung
on bare branches and dried flowers
oh such beauty in a drop
Then it was back inside
to make soup.
I chose this one because that is what I need to use up
...carrots and celery
and besides, it is one of my husband's favorites

When I am finished with this quick delish soup
I will hit the computer to finish writing a short story I have been working on
about a little girl that disappeared
...seems I can't get away from writing about little girls lately
oh well...that must be where the energy is....

ah energy.....I knew it this morning the moment I awoke

oh...and the yoga is helping tremendously
I'm feeling younger....;)


  1. nice on feeling younger...and glad joy has crashed in on you as wishes on that short story as well...hey if that is where the muse is leading let it go...smiles...

  2. The soup sounds delicious. I must try it. Would love to read the short story.

    1. awh Audrey...maybe I'll just send it to you
      it's flash fiction

  3. I need soup, now. Feeling younger? Well I guess it's back to the mat for me.

    1. Wrinks...I have been thinking of you all day
      ....yes...younger...when you are in communion with your's pure magic...
      you feel alive.....yeah hit the mat..grab the hand weights....think...war baby
      oh , and's a fast one

  4. Goodness, Suz. Read your other blog, and now this. I'm starving! That looks like the perfect winter day soup... BTW: I was told this week that I should try yoga to help with my painful legs, feet, and hips. I DO need to start stretching every day. This physical job is not the good kind of physical!

    1. You read my other blogs...oh I luv ya for it...nice to know that someone reads a bit of it now and then
      As for yoga...oh go for it...
      my hips are feeling much better after stretching that piriformis muscle...but you have to keep it up ...
      and sitting too much or standing toomuch...yikes shortens our muscles..and then we get pain in those
      walking is good too along with yoga
      besides there is the breathing aspect to yoga..the stilling of the being.....but it takes time to loosen up....but you do
      so you hit the mat too

  5. Ah, the pleasure of cooking, stretching, greeting the sun whenever it may appear! Hope the short story turns out as good as this soup.

  6. Nice to know you are having good mornings. And i never been to Yoga but All my friends who are doing it is giving me a thumbs up. Guess it's really working. Good for you sis!


  7. " and took a walk outside
    in the garden to feel the day
    on my skin, breath in its energy"
    Oh yes, I understand this. I'm home after a week of being away and this line of your wonderful post holds so much meaning for me.
    Soup, yoga and knowing it's going to be a good day...
    Here's to putting troubles in a "quiet place" once in a while.

    1. well said sister......
      and welcome home....breath

  8. Excellent and yummy too..............

    1. hello John.....and today it is going to be 50 degrees outside!! whoohoo
      I will breath in the car on my way downtown to get some blonde put into my hair....everything is warming up
      I go with my heart's flow
      and the soup was wonderful....happy husband..happy blogging

  9. Marvelous to hear of your writing, your yoga, and your soup. You always inspire me, Suz.

    1. no sir, you inspire me
      an agent!! whoo hoo
      and the yoga.....yea, back to the mat


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