Tuesday, February 7, 2012

oh, my aching hip flexors


Why is it so hard to practise
that which is good for us?
We never think about the harmful things
we do
like overeating
sendentary living
We never question those choices
we just do it
But the body is calling out for
So this morning I took a step to recovery
I began with tadasana/mountain pose
omg....boy, I am beginning this not a minute too soon
30-60 hold...in proper form...ooo
next, onto
padangusthasana/forward bend/ finger to toe
big omg!
but the stretch feels so good
maybe the pain in my leg will lift
with this stretch
Now onto Child's pose,then Corpse
Okay...okay....it's a start
maybe if I do this every morning for a week
I will salute the sun
...if we ever get any



  1. Ohhhh, I am feeling the same. But the sun just came out so I will salute it, if only from a standing position. You made me laugh, thank you, Suz

  2. hee hee glad you liked my agony
    With all this dreary weather it is so easy to just sit
    and sit some more....
    walking from the car to the front door of TJ MAXX doesn't count as exercise
    and that is the truth
    so I begin again

  3. the child pose to the corpse pose...ha...we have the sun today so i will salute it and send it your way...smiles.

    1. does-'nt count Brian
      but almost fell asleep in corpse !!

  4. Just looking at that "Standing forward bend" makes me want to check myself in for physical therapy! Ouch!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing Suz and good for you.

    1. we'll see

      and to think I used to be so good at it.....
      but my muscles are crying out for flexiblity
      so...it's a start

  6. I'll keep doing what I am doing to keep me in shape, so help me God! I walk to the grocery store and not drive, and a 5-7kilo on both hands as weights on my way back. Instead of using floor maps, i get down on my knees. Iron clothes regularly (im obsessed with it!) for my hands and arm exercise and do sit ups before and after bed... Cheap and productive...

    Go go go!


  7. "if we ever get any"....funny:)
    grinning over here
    while I stretch out wide
    on the floor
    as I write this.
    thanks for the inspire,

  8. Hi Suz,

    So happy that you visited today. The bird sounds are on MixPod.com. The title is Take 5: The Forest Awakens.

    I need to try these stretches, girl! I wonder, too, why that piece of lemon cake I just ate was no problem at all; yet, even 5 minutes of exercise is not a temptation!

    We have that sun you're looking for; as a matter of fact, the sun has been standing guard so Winter has never visited. Lovely 65 degree weather today!

    Have a great rest of the week!


    1. I loved that Take 5...have to get it

  9. mind and body....body and mind...good luck with your aches and pains.

    1. my body has been holding alot of stuff lately and I need some kind of release...and yoga does that...but I haven't practised in while on a regular basis.so yea, ouwie...
      After reading about your life lately...want to join me?

  10. There was an interesting story on NPR's Fresh Air yesterday about yoga, an interview with a New York Times science writer who has been doing yoga for forty-some years. I didn't know that there were yoga poses that could actually kill ya, haha. Maybe I'll start with the 'less advanced' stuff.

    1. that's if you actually do them...:)
      Now to practise breathing....who knew you would have to practise ??
      thanks for visting me today by the way

  11. I started Tai-chi, and even such mild exercise wakes my old bones, tells me I've ignored these old bones of mine too long.

    1. I have tried tai chi....liked it but too many things to remember...and yes, we neeed to love our old bones

  12. Replies
    1. Vicki...it is good for me
      like eating spinach

  13. hey, i read recently that "sitting is the new smoking".
    now THERE'S something to think about!

    good for you, Suz.

    1. ha! sitting is very hard to do...at least the yoga way
      or do you mean that 'sitting' is the new smoking in that no does it anymore!


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