Thursday, February 2, 2012

busy hands still mind
 iron glides across the board
pressing out my thoughts

My wonderful,loving,teddy bear of a brother
is recovering just fine
Doctor says it's all in his attitude
My sister-in-law said he sang into the nebulizer this morning
ha!....he's an old rocker from the 60's....heavy metal kind
and he's still at his dream..singing and writing songs

I just know that his presence will touch someone there in the hospital that needs it
he's just that kind of a wonderful human being....
Thank you for your warm kind words and prayers for my brother and me
I needed them

Today I am going to iron
let my thoughts wander
where they will....
and where they want
if I just let go

Holding an iron is much like holding a pen
things happen
things get released
things are unearthed
but in the end, in a quiet room
filled with luxurious steam
smelling oh so clean
fabrics get the wrinkles out
whether it's my good tablecloth
or the heart aching fabrics of my life


  1. Suz - so happy to hear your brother is doing well :) Keeping you and him and your family in my thoughts and my prayers!

    1. ah,Sara...he is doing better than well...praise God from whom all blessings flow

  2. Replies
    1. Rosaria, somehow I just knew that you use an iron too
      for such need
      oh the aching heart

  3. Just such a BEAUTIFUL post, Suz! I am soooo happy for your brother/you/your family. :) I sent long prayers, far and wide, for all of you. :)

    This whole post really is just beautiful.
    Love, and light, and
    Blessed Be

    1. Thank you Angie...the air was charged with prayer
      I could feel it
      now if only....

  4. love your haiku...sometimes i just need to be doing something for things to click....and yay on your brother...that is awesome!

    1. Thanks dad used to putter around in the garage when he needed to have such moments
      and haiku lets me express sometimes- the inexpressable -
      hidden in 17

  5. That's good news. Positive attitude will surely help him... And in my prayers, you are always part of it. You have been a big help to me last year.... And for being a blog sister, of course...


  6. Suz, you make me want to iron! Who ever thought that could happen? Busy hands... it is so true, and so beautifully expressed. I am ever so happy that your brother is singing and shaking things up a little around him.

    1. wherever he goes, he spreads happiness
      he's an old fashion good guy
      Ironing puts me in the zone...when I can't garden

  7. Replies
    1. Hello Rick....oh I have needed my mind and heart to travel together to that place of peace found through the hands of work...
      thank you

  8. Hey Suz, please check your email....

  9. Glad to hear that your brother is doing so well. Attitude is everything. Rock on bro.
    I didn't know that there were other people who like to iron. I love ironing. There is something so satisfying about it... and there is a Zen quality that beats a lot of other household jobs. Thank you for validating my secret enjoyment.

    Beautiful Haiku...

    1. ...and I'll bet you just love the smell of that lovely steam.....I like to fold clothes too
      thinking of you and yours...I hope it helps

  10. Great news regarding your brother Suz, he sounds like a real inspiration. Hope you enjoyed ironing out your thoughts! :)

  11. I agree with you about ironing, you have written so eloquently here... And I'm glad your brother is doing so well. All of you are still close to my heart, Suz. xo

  12. There is something satisfying in taking a troubled and dishevelled anything then succeeding to iron out its wrinkles.
    Perhaps someone can do it for me! :-)
    I hope the garden gnome is having a comfortable winter.

    1. Stafford, there is something comforting in hearing from you today
      Stafford of the garden is safe in the garage
      hanging out with the garden fairy


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