Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh yeah, I'm headed for a pedicure.
I've earned it.

Pink...yes, I think that would be just fine.
Now, where did I put my ankle bracelets?
Surprised...that a woman of my age wears them?
get over it....I do
Only thing is....I need to pump up the leg muscles a bit
definition is definitely an asset to ankle bling
...yes, at my age
Oh, did I tell you what little miss said to me the night before they left?
No?...oh, well let me fill you in
"What Reagan?"
"What is it sweetie?"
"Grandma, the toilet is overflowing like a fountain upstairs.."

See...I told you I deserve it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

AH..if only it were that easy
This garden frog is getting  more meditation than I am
and don't even ask me about exercise or yoga
ha! except maybe if washing kids, dishes,and laundry counts
or taking the dog out
or wiping up spills, picking up toys
reading the same books over and over again
being a short order keep peace
I am getting into a routine now....but it has nothing to do with
dressing nice, wearing nice shoes, going out to lunch with my girlfriends
or husband...or writing
or even watching mind-numbing TV..which I have been known to do
In fact...I was horrified yesterday...when I had the chance to run a few errands by myself
and I glanced in the cleaner's mirror and saw that I hadn't even put makeup on
or earrings......good lord.....and I looked about 92
How did I ever do it?
True, I am exhausted, but it has been a time of true bonding with the little ones
...and just as I am adjusting
they will be leaving
I am even going to miss the stubborn, but adorable, Bull dog Dutch
but it will be nice to have a cup of coffee and be able to drink the whole cup

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

are we there yet?

weep for me people.....
It has been a long week

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My husband thought he could sneak into the den
for some peace and quiet last night,
but what he didn't know was that Dutch sought the same thing
so they both watched the news together, then fell asleep
But it turned out he got the better deal.....
My family went into the city last night to stay in a hotel
across from the Lincoln Park Zoo......they were to meet up with some friends.
Leave the dog...I said......
Well about midnight.....Dutch barked loudly
So Grandma put on her robe and slippers and took him out into the yard
where he happily ran through all my flower beds
and to make it was drizzling....don't they have drizzle in Southern California?
Good golly the beast was so happy
Have you ever tried to move a bull dog that doesn't want to move?
Finally I got him ....gave him a bit of chicken in his dry food
and I went to bed....only to be awoken again around 1:30 by a sad barking
a lonely barking....
Have I told you I'm a sucker for kids and animals?
Well I left the comfort of my bed and went to sleep in the guest room
with the Dutch.....he grabbed  Reagan's new Easter bunny and slept away
until 2:30......he wanted up on the bed....wouldn't stop barking
until I lifted ...hoisted....good golly how did I move solid muscle like him in the wee hours?
But I did...and he slept at the foot of the bed until 5:30
I pretended not to hear him....boy am I dumb
he barked until I petted him to death and then he settled down until 6:45!
They called this morning....they are going to stay another night
 or two

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bulldog on leather

oh my
Did I have the day yesterday
and I don't mean a good one.
First of all, a little guy
who shall not be snitched on to his mother-
got Chocolate Easter bunny all over my fine sofa
...then Little Miss spilled a whole glass of milk on my
area rug ...and of course it was the wool one
Then this beloved bull dog, Dutch...had the trots all day
in and and out....barking...stinkies...more barking
out side again.. back inside...good grief
I would have rather been sick
...No more chicken for him
and then this morning....after a rather long night with him
he snuck into the living room and onto my leather chair
...Snoring away like a baby
And did I mention that Handsome, my feral kitty, showed up this morning
only to nearly drop dead at the sight of this Churchill looking menace with the large jowls and big teeth
looking at him on the other side of the patio door?
more barking  :-0
dear me....what a week it has
I love them all and will cry when they leave
I have to admit that my rhythm is all messed up
and I haven't written anything since they arrived
and tonight is my writing group
I will bring them the story of the little girl who sets fire to her house
.....let them comment on that one
..let them see my dark side....hee hee
and when they ask me how my week is going
I 'll just say....wonderful
....I am a writer of fiction after all

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

They can't believe the betrayal
It's their house
and it is not fair
Hang in there girls
2 more weeks
lordie.....will I make it?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boo is never going to speak to me again
neither is Abigail or Miss Kitty O"Shea
They hate the new intruder
this upstart smelly barking thing from Laguna
But the worst thing is
Dutch..the above pictured Bulldog
loves me

It has been an experience these past 3 days
good thing their mama and papa arrived
I don't think these little ones would have gotten much sleep
or the little guy..bathed :-O
But they're here now....sort of
at least at nighttime and bathtime for little stubborn one
The first night back Dutch barked and snorted all night
Now he is settled in and eating everything that is in reach
He has trampled my flowers and peed on my lillies
oh the things we overlook for family
If I have to watch Toy Story or Cars once more
I think I'll pass out
But all too soon they will be gone
and I will cry waving goodbye
So go ahead Mav...push play

Sunday, April 1, 2012


This was this morning
But oh last night....I thought they would never go to sleep
But who can blame them?
All the excitement of coming to Chicago
and then mama got back on a flight last night
in order to meet my son in Las Vegas so they can drive back
with grandbulldog
Finally at midnight (!)
I got grandpa....he took the little guy downstairs
while I laid down with little miss
and boy did she talk
talk talk talk
It was a moment
pure moment
I just listened as she told me about her
her other grandpa...who is in heaven
and that she is so sad that she never got to meet him
Grandma Neta showed her pictures of him
and he was wearing a hat
and then she told me that Dutch is getting old
and Grandma do you think Dutch will go to heaven and see my other grandpa?
Grandpa V had a massive stroke just before my son and now daughter in law got engaged
Her mother asked us to come to the hospital to meet to him
though he was officially brain dead....and was to be an organ donor that night
We talked to him and told him how much we loved his daughter
and how happy we were that they had found each other...we held his hand
it was warm and smooth.....we cried and cried
He was a very handsome man....I see him in Maverick
This... all I thought of... last night as she was talking
And then she asked me if Auntie was going to have a baby
I the dark....and she asked me again....yes, I said
and thankfully she didn't ask anything more
Today we are to go over to the new house and see Finn
all of them
even the littlest helpless one in the darkness of the womb
joy and sorrow

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