Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boo is never going to speak to me again
neither is Abigail or Miss Kitty O"Shea
They hate the new intruder
this upstart smelly barking thing from Laguna
But the worst thing is
Dutch..the above pictured Bulldog
loves me

It has been an experience these past 3 days
good thing their mama and papa arrived
I don't think these little ones would have gotten much sleep
or the little guy..bathed :-O
But they're here now....sort of
at least at nighttime and bathtime for little stubborn one
The first night back Dutch barked and snorted all night
Now he is settled in and eating everything that is in reach
He has trampled my flowers and peed on my lillies
oh the things we overlook for family
If I have to watch Toy Story or Cars once more
I think I'll pass out
But all too soon they will be gone
and I will cry waving goodbye
So go ahead Mav...push play


  1. Hello Suz:
    But what a very fine picture Dutch makes. He really does symbolise all that Churchillian mix of gentility and ferocity so necessary for maintaining peace and order wherever he happens to be. And so very handsome too!

    1. hee hee I think he exactly looks like Churchill
      not the former President Reagan!
      He is the sweetest dog ..but my kitties don't like him at all :(

  2. Delightful! I want my Kibbles and Bits and Bits and Bits!

  3. Great photograph and post Suz. You´ll be an expert on these kiddies videos.

  4. You just wait, they'll be missing them too when they're gone!!!

  5. I am watching Peep and the Big Wide World over and over and over again these days. It is a good thing I adore it. I once knew a bulldog like Dutch. Her name was Valentine, she was all slobbers - and hangy things from her jowls, but she was sweet. I am glad Dutch loves you.

  6. hee hee....Wrinks....I think he sees me as alpha male!
    ha ha hee hee


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