Sunday, April 1, 2012


This was this morning
But oh last night....I thought they would never go to sleep
But who can blame them?
All the excitement of coming to Chicago
and then mama got back on a flight last night
in order to meet my son in Las Vegas so they can drive back
with grandbulldog
Finally at midnight (!)
I got grandpa....he took the little guy downstairs
while I laid down with little miss
and boy did she talk
talk talk talk
It was a moment
pure moment
I just listened as she told me about her
her other grandpa...who is in heaven
and that she is so sad that she never got to meet him
Grandma Neta showed her pictures of him
and he was wearing a hat
and then she told me that Dutch is getting old
and Grandma do you think Dutch will go to heaven and see my other grandpa?
Grandpa V had a massive stroke just before my son and now daughter in law got engaged
Her mother asked us to come to the hospital to meet to him
though he was officially brain dead....and was to be an organ donor that night
We talked to him and told him how much we loved his daughter
and how happy we were that they had found each other...we held his hand
it was warm and smooth.....we cried and cried
He was a very handsome man....I see him in Maverick
This... all I thought of... last night as she was talking
And then she asked me if Auntie was going to have a baby
I the dark....and she asked me again....yes, I said
and thankfully she didn't ask anything more
Today we are to go over to the new house and see Finn
all of them
even the littlest helpless one in the darkness of the womb
joy and sorrow



  1. How innocent!.. And like angels talking, her wish will surely be heard in heaven...

    Enjoy the moment with family. That is what i always say. Be generous with love...

    Have a blessed Sunday And great week ahead...


  2. whata tender moment there talking about grandpa...and a lovely pic of them nestled in....have fun lots...

  3. This is a post that brings a tear to the eye Suz, how very sweet even when you were talking to Grandpa V, wonderful story.

  4. Oh, they are so cute, Suz !
    Touching words ...
    Nice week,

  5. So beautifully written. I could hear soft music in the background as I read this. And looking at the photo of them and their things in your living room reminded me of being a child in my grandmother's living room, making messes, telling tales, and living fantasies. We thought, (and now we wish) it would never never end.....

  6. A wonderful memory, and those little people all snuggled up at Grandma's house. Well written Suz.

  7. family, joy, tenderly said, Suz

  8. Most times... a good grandchild, after a long day, is a sleeping one. I'm expecting mine on Friday. By Monday I will need respite care... but I will be happy about it all. It's the joy of being a grandmother.
    Beautiful post.


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