Thursday, August 28, 2014

Morning glories

Twice a day my morning glories show up
This morning they were actually sitting on my deck
getting-brave kitties
The black one listens to me talk
only a few yards away.....having run into the deep flowerbed when I approach the door
The tortoiseshell one is very afraid...fidgety
Would you believe they ate 4 cans of food!
The other night I looked out my door and saw two young skunks
pawing around my garden....cute they are....but please don't stay I said to myself
and last night I peered out the window and there was a possum
with a large belly that dragged along the grass
I called my husband to see it...oh he said...her pouch must be filled with little ones
oh dear.....
But on my mind is winter
what will I do about the cats?

I suppose you think that all I do is feed animals
one of those old ladies
 I help all in need who share the path of life with me
human and beast.....a fruit of faith I suppose

The garden morning glories are blooming their heads off
This year I bought blue ones in a pot then just cast a seed packet of purple ones into the garden
..'cause planting them never seemed to work..
and wulllllah!  they sprouted and I have them all over!

I once read an essay about ....a curmudgeonly pessimistic old man
 who got a seed packet in the mail as a promotional gimmick
Bah..he said
then shoved the packet into his coat pocket and took his daily walk
It was toward the end of autumn.
.He reached into his pocket for his lighter to light his pipe and felt the seed packet
He lifted the packet out and ripped it open
and emptied the seeds into his hand then flung them along the road
across from his house

of course they all took ones
across the road from his house
he smiled

That little essay stayed with me
and I often think of that man.....a man I knew.....
A man who had little regard for things
but he was given a gift that day
when he walked out of his house and remembered that he had planted them
sort of....planted them with no faith the size of a mustard seed...I remember that one too

That man died two years ago but his experience lives on in me

I have never had luck with poppies....
but the cast morning glory seeds filled my being
 when they opened

We all have a wee bit of hope
that resides in us and some days
 we take a leap
reach out to the universe, we
and it happens

May you be given a gift today


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Here's a shot of my late summer garden, yes only one photo..from my picture file
Blogger simply won't let me publish photos from Picasa
and what's a garden blog...or any blog without photos?
I am 62...oops...63 years old, and slowing down
so this year I let live
...even abandoned weeding because of a nasty case of poison ivy
...even my landscaper got how did that stuff get into my garden
The red twig dogwoods are puckering out too
...they may go this fall
The lilies...what can I say...they are divine creations of the Great Gardener
 faithful to grow
 and astound me when morning, afternoon and evening light passes through their delicate petals
I could just stare at them forever
As I would stare at sunflowers
stare may not be the right word.....sit in worship of them
worship with a small w
and of course the marigolds.....I hear they are making a comeback
yippee.....I have always loved these warriors of the garden
lovely in pots......blooming until they freeze to death......
Medals of honor should be bestowed on there lifeless bodies after the first frost
Maybe I will make up a ceremony...
It has been a cooler than usual summer and a wet one at times
..ha...I am never happy it seems...can fault that dang weather anytime
But was beautiful
Did I tell you...oh of course not...I haven't been blogging....
but have I told you that I am graced again with kitties at my deck black and its mate or sibling is orange and black
oh dear......what am I going to do if they have kittens under my deck?
there is a no vacancy sign on my door
But my heart simply breaks when I think about dear, dear, feral  cat
 Who the last time I saw him....over a year ago I think
was so very very sick
I recall that he ate his warmed up chicken and meowed his pitiful meow
then turned and walked into the garden bushes
and I never saw him again..oh how I miss that rascal
We will meet again I'm sure
A few times this summer I swear he rubbed up against me in the garden
something he would never do... because of his great fear
but where he is.... maybe he has no more fear
only love

I see this is posted on my other blog...sorry
it has been so long that I have blogged I goofed up
I hope you excuse how do I post this on my garden blog?

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