Thursday, August 28, 2014

Morning glories

Twice a day my morning glories show up
This morning they were actually sitting on my deck
getting-brave kitties
The black one listens to me talk
only a few yards away.....having run into the deep flowerbed when I approach the door
The tortoiseshell one is very afraid...fidgety
Would you believe they ate 4 cans of food!
The other night I looked out my door and saw two young skunks
pawing around my garden....cute they are....but please don't stay I said to myself
and last night I peered out the window and there was a possum
with a large belly that dragged along the grass
I called my husband to see it...oh he said...her pouch must be filled with little ones
oh dear.....
But on my mind is winter
what will I do about the cats?

I suppose you think that all I do is feed animals
one of those old ladies
 I help all in need who share the path of life with me
human and beast.....a fruit of faith I suppose

The garden morning glories are blooming their heads off
This year I bought blue ones in a pot then just cast a seed packet of purple ones into the garden
..'cause planting them never seemed to work..
and wulllllah!  they sprouted and I have them all over!

I once read an essay about ....a curmudgeonly pessimistic old man
 who got a seed packet in the mail as a promotional gimmick
Bah..he said
then shoved the packet into his coat pocket and took his daily walk
It was toward the end of autumn.
.He reached into his pocket for his lighter to light his pipe and felt the seed packet
He lifted the packet out and ripped it open
and emptied the seeds into his hand then flung them along the road
across from his house

of course they all took ones
across the road from his house
he smiled

That little essay stayed with me
and I often think of that man.....a man I knew.....
A man who had little regard for things
but he was given a gift that day
when he walked out of his house and remembered that he had planted them
sort of....planted them with no faith the size of a mustard seed...I remember that one too

That man died two years ago but his experience lives on in me

I have never had luck with poppies....
but the cast morning glory seeds filled my being
 when they opened

We all have a wee bit of hope
that resides in us and some days
 we take a leap
reach out to the universe, we
and it happens

May you be given a gift today



  1. two varieties of morning glories, love it.
    and hope. it is hard to find in the mainstream news these days, but we can find it in stories like the poppy man.
    thank you.

  2. You sew. You reap. Whether it's with no motive but to follow your heart, thoughtlessly, in anger or great expectations...You reap. Suz, adore your story! Love your heart.

  3. hug and kiss
    hey I need an update!!!

  4. Lovely post Suz, I am sure the kitties will be fine in the winter, they are remarkable survivors.

  5. Have tried to leave comments. Testing..... May be this computer.

  6. Ok. That worked! Hope you're well, Suz! I haven't been blogging much lately. Just too much going on with work, starting my own business, and the loss in early August of my artist aunt I've blogged about over the years. Hope to share my future endeavors soon.... Most of my posting is going to FB now. If you're there look me up. So many of our mutual bloggers are posting to FB. Anyway, stay well and let's try to keep in touch!!

  7. we should try to hold on to that hope...
    and your animal visitors made me laugh...
    cause we get all kinds here as well...

  8. You write so beautifully! As to the Kitties...the last feral cats I saved I set out an old dog crate I had that had a door that wouldn't shut. I found a sheltered corner near the shed for it. I filled it with old clothes and an ancient down parka...then I got an old blue tarp and covered the entire thing to keep wet out. The wild cats used it though a horrid winter and survived to catch rodents for me the next summer. I fed them in a small frost tough rubber tub in a corner of the crate. Those darn calico's...did you know 99 percent of calico cats are girls!

  9. Thanks...and perhaps it's more an act of faith than a leap.

  10. wow Christopher..indeed it is

  11. Just thought I'd check this morning and here is your new post! You didn't tell me yesterday! What darling kitties! ...and the rest! Love those morning glories - mine weren't there this year and I think someone must have pulled them out during a spring clean-up! Well, i have plenty of seed packets - ha! What to do with those kitties, huh?

  12. Suz, bless you for helping all those in need whom you encounter on your path; I'm the same way. The morning glories are beautiful, and so are your ferals. They will need help to make it though the winter; I've used old dog crates like Fiona. My husband finally made some wood ones, double walled with insulation in between the walls. We also always cut a small 'escape' door in the side because we have raccoons that are, while cute, cat killers. The escape door was hubs idea. He said without that, he'd just be making 'a meal in a box' for the raccoons. This site has a good idea for making shelters, too:


  13. I love morning glories. I didn't have any this year but last year they grew around the balusters on my porch and looked so pretty.

  14. I think it's a beautiful thing that you are feeding those cats. I too try to do my best for the creatures that come to my garden. I think what Victoria suggested is a marvelous idea to help the kitties through the winter.


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