Thursday, June 13, 2013

  Guess who's flying in today for a visit?
good thing they missed this storm last night
A robin has built her nest at the end of a branch
that leans over the driveway
I watched her branch bounce and weave in the wind
and the rain pounding over her
Oh I was so worried
My husband thinks I worry over goofy things
she's a robin...she's been through this before
I am happy to say that mom and eggs
are doing fine this morning to go shopping


Friday, June 7, 2013

I was alone at the counsel ring
the quilters...well they never leave their fabrics
and the other students
the glass , wood and paper cutters
man, they are as intense at the writers
But I was not feeling it this time at workshop
I needed some nature
some sunset
some alone time
So I went to cliff and sat
and watched
It was wonderful

I was about 30 feet above the lake
and all I heard were the loons
and the quiet motor of a fishing boat
it was so peaceful
Our group was small...nine of us
and only one new one was a nice class
...not much writing came out of it
but some new insights arose from writing about personal stuff
 they always make you dig there those instructors....
I wrote about my Mexican grandfather
.....and my old neighbor Phyllis
I also managed to birth two pretty good haiku
..all in all a nice week

But the heck of thing happened
A woman tripped on the path, on the ascarpment
and went flying head first over the cliff
and fell 30 feet, hitting the side of the cliff half way down
She had been walking with her husband

I am ashamed to say..that is when my writer's brain went into overdrive
...but I won't speak of that..let's just say that I watch too much TV
concerning crime...

She was stabalized and helicoptered to was surreal watching the rescue
as it got darker and darker
...They told us she had a broken neck,back,leg and ankle
and 80% brusing of her body...the 15ft break in her fall saved her life
or she would have hit pure limestone
....Needless to say it put a cloud over the rest of the week
At our last night, when we all do a show and tell of sorts
I read a funny story..the one about Phyllis
not the grandfather one
that one gets put in a drawer for my kids to find when I'm gone
....and they can't ask questions

know what I mean?

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