Friday, September 30, 2011


Sometimes things you see
give you thrill
color, form,texture

I spent the day with Finn
We explored his tiny city yard
...and found so much to thrill us
like stones and shells and spiders
no no no he said to the spiders
no touch

While he played with his trains
I observed the fence...
thoughts of writing on my mind
The two images on the fence gave me a chill
not a thrill
one life, one death
You think you can control your writing
maybe that is true for seasoned writers. 

As I type, the writing is going on in my head
and I have a sense that I will go there
But who knows......
only the keyboard does and the mind
I've put the story in a drawer to stew
along with the others
I think I'll go back to something light
like the ghost story's been stewing for months
It should be interesting to see what the characters have been up to while I was absent

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've been working on a story that takes place at a church carnival.
There are two girls who meet up with their old priest who now sits in a dunk tank.
One girl holds a secret about the old priest and a child.
My writing friend is pushing me to go full out dark...write to the edge
I don't think I want to dwell there, in that darkness
unless I somehow make it supernatural.....unreal
The thought of a child being harmed or murdered or held captive
is bone chilling to me
I know I could write it...but do I want to travel there?

Has anyone stood in such a crossroad in a story they were writing?

Kid jep has never been anything I would want to read
so why this path... that has led me here?
to the greatest of fears
I would like your input..... from readers and writers alike

Monday, September 26, 2011


inculcation fails
her agreement must be kept
crow collects the debt

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I read the book Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach
about 20 times
each time drawing something different out of it
But the one thing that stayed constant was her
call to make an Illustrated Discovery Journal
a sort of scrapbook journal where "you created
a visual autobiography of your authentic self
by crafting collages that reflected
your long-forgotten passions and preferences"
I have several of these, and each one reveals
progress and change
The photo above,from a long forgotten ad in a magazine,has become a visual mantra to me:
warrior woman
Does it matter that I started too late (55) to look like a buff 25 yr old?

does it matter that I fell off of the wagon of practice many times?
does it matter that it is getting harder to lift those weights?
I am a warrior
for myself...the only warrior that counts

and yes, I have had to begin again
even in the last few weeks
but the woman in the photo inspires me
a warrior woman

2 more pounds banished
blood pressure (with new meds) down
LDL.....well, let's not throw a wet blanket on my party
but I'm working on lowering it

cheers on this beautiful day of Autumn

Friday, September 23, 2011

listening to music too early in the morning

like so many leaves
                    some dreams just fell to the earth
  succumbed to season

Thursday, September 22, 2011 trust our heaviness

 from Rilke's Book of Hours:
Wenn etwas mir vom Fenster fallt

How surely gravity's law,
strong as an ocean current,
takes hold of even the smallest thing
and pulls it toward the heart of the world.

Each thing-
each stone,blossom,child-
is held in place.
Only we, in our arrogance,
push out beyond what we each belong to
for some empty freedom.

If we surrendered
to earth's intelligence
we could rise up rooted,like trees.

Instead we entangle ourselves
in knots of our own making
and struggle, lonely and confused.

So like children, we begin again
to learn from the things,
because they are in God's heart;
they have never left him.

This is what the things can teach us:
to fall,
patiently to trust our heaviness.
Even a bird has to do that
before it can fly.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Serpent of Notes/ Magpie #83

                                                     a prompt from Tess, at Willow Manor


I saw his shadowy form and was afraid,
listened as he played a reed,
watched as serpents slid out of trees,
out of water,wrapped themselves
around his naked darkness.
The light of night hung in the sky behind him
illuminating a path under his feet.
I stood in the sound, wanting to be like it.
The serpent of notes plunged into  my ears,
calling me to my belly to crawl to him
 who played what I desired apple at his feet

Autumn writes


Autumn tree branches
ancient language sillouette
colbalt sky parchment

As Autumn approaches
 I am able to see more script against the evening sky
words of the Hawthorne,willow,oak,maple
words illuminated by the sun setting in the distance
moments of  spirit

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kitty O'Shea

I'm back to my writing group...another good thing about Fall.
Last week we were given a prompt to write about.....1200 wc
about a public argument. I finished it. It's called, Seeing Red
Cathartic,actually. Felt good.
This is Ms.Kitty O'Shea, boss kitty of the house
she finally stopped walking across my keyboard and settled down on the bed next to me.

Will she ever give up her dream of becoming a writer?
I wonder.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

They got me.
I bought it.
Maybe I will find something to relate to in this magazine.
I am on a fitness journey
I am choosing healthy and complex foods
I want to look good

So I laid down my money and walked out of the food store
with a cart full of veggies and chicken and eggs
and some nuts and vitamins
When I got home I made myself some slim yoga tea
The house was quiet, the sun was pouring in, I had two kitties next to me
competing for an ear rub,and I flipped open the pages of opportunity
for better living...some sage advice on how I could live better
feel better, look better
I flipped the page....
Okay...I can see myself in that hat...sort of
not exactly..lets read on Susan

Oh, flip
I hit the bed and am out in 10 seconds
just ask my husband :)

ooo..she's cute....I wear glasses

hmmm.did a male write this one?

who wears mom jeans....not me we're talking
I have always wanted to get my hands on pair of those russian kettles

mmmm...such wonderful advertisement
I'm liking this magazine

yes I can....could...wanted to
I'm good at the child's pose


there aren't enough roads
maybe next's inspiring
to read

that kind of girl's night in
I don't do rearranging :)

yes, they are right
glad I bought the magazine

Besides, I'm a sucker for a good ad
and I am going to work very hard at getting into that hat

Women's it at your newsstand now

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Revenant haiku Magpie tale # 82

Andrew Wyeth
the revenant

spirit in daytime
sooty stained walls of the soul
paint exorcism

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Posted by Picasa

This is from google images
not my scale...though I wished it was
even with the chubby toes...if only I weighed 120 again
But I do have good news
my number on the scale has gone down
4 lbs since last Friday
whoo hoo
I am struggling with hypertension...will see the doctor again on Monday
another med, I'm sure
But it's really the clothes that I love that I cannot button  around my
bazoomies and all the other clothes that don't fit just right or not at all
Darn, I worked so hard getting into them 5 years ago
What happened?
I know where it began......I lost my beloved trainer
nuts that he was
But he worked me harder than I have ever worked before
no mercy
no excuses
This is not a TEA PARTY he used to tell me
Well,his personal life took a very bad turn and he was gone
I tried to find another trainer.....but no one was him
no one......nutso and all
I did the reformer for years
and yoga....
I stayed flexible...but it was the free weights and other taxing things that did the job
and the strenuous 3 day a week full body work out that did it
and walking an hour a day and being disciplined about my diet.....especially carbs
What happened?
Inch by inch it happened
ounce by ounce
I almost gave into my old lifestyle

But, I gave myself a good talking to
and said....JUMP!
So here I am.....4 measly pounds lighter
and working out again
3 days a week.....trying to be my own Dave the trainer
but it's the beauty I'm after
it is important to me to be beautiful
this is not a shallow goal
and it took me years to figure this one out
I've kept the outside beauty ...the changes
but inside I was losing my own standard
I was not true to myself
so it's off to getting back into those clothes
and gorgeous shoes
and jingling with my bracelets on toned arms
Ah...if feels good to be back full steam
Oh, and thank you to all you wonderful blogger friends
for your encouragement
Jj......I like your eating pattern
Dr. Meeta...... very good advice is a struggle isn't it girl, but that is not an excuse
we're really tough we need to be our own warriors
and Teri.....oh my ...bless you for your helpful words
it is our health too...really formost.....but for me it is taping into
my desire that does it for me...fuels my engine to live well
let's check in with each other


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Losing weight is one of our punishments handed down to us from that lousy Adam and Eve's first boo boo in that lovely garden...I just know it
Sucks....big time
Did you ever wonder why one weekend of thoughtless eating can pack lbs on
and yet, one weekend of watching every crumb that goes into your mouth does not even move that darn scale one ounce!  I think science should look into this contradiction
There are many ways to accomplish weight loss
mostly it's eat less move more
but that's not all of it...truly it is not

And have you ever noticed that when you start watching the food that goes into your mouth...your mind starts to be obsessed with cooking and recipes and cookbooks!
Get thee behind me Satan.....oh yeah,,,,,that snake

But I am dwelling in  possibilites
like getting back into my fabulous leather jackets
and my little jingly belts
and my red high heel shoes.......did you know that you can gain weight in your feet.......rotten serpent!
So I will go to sleep tonight
with that thing that perches in my heart
that thingy with wings....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Magpie #81

Thanks to Tess for always offering interesting photo prompts

a broken axle
mud washed up around a tire
life passes quickly
abandoned barn junk
long gone the cries of children
the silence of wood
I had a wonderful weekend of blue skies, sweet corn, friends,wonderful naps,and of course looking at the junk store

This beautiful warbler hit the window
and I finally went and held it in my cupped hand 
until it recovered....then placed it in the lilac bush
our spirits communicated

I saw this sign in front of the yarn shop and thought of
all my knit wit blogger friends

This a look at the objects I saw the treasured junk shop

This a photo looking into the window
from the outside

Okay...what did I find?

It's a good thing I purged so much
from my life the last few weeks
opening a place for these
They will stay in Galena with the rest of the pottery
I find on our road trips through Iowa and Wisconsin
Soon it will be Fall Fests
with pumpkins and apples and fresh baked cherry pies
one can hardly keep ones heart quiet

Friday, September 2, 2011

Everyone is scattering their own way
this weekend
So me and the hunk
are going to Galena.....for some much needed quiet and dark skies
I hope to visit my favorite junk shop
I just love me that junk shop
especially the owner...he is so knowledgeable about so many things
and very foxy about the items in his shop.....plays dumb
but he knows the worth or worthlessness of everything there
He knows I love to look through old pictures and cards
especially the Valentines
and that I love pottery....old pottery
and old childrens books and jewelry and rocks
Heck...what don't I like, now that think about it
anyway......We will have fun
making memories
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