Tuesday, September 13, 2011

They got me.
I bought it.
Maybe I will find something to relate to in this magazine.
I am on a fitness journey
I am choosing healthy and complex foods
I want to look good

So I laid down my money and walked out of the food store
with a cart full of veggies and chicken and eggs
and some nuts and vitamins
When I got home I made myself some slim yoga tea
The house was quiet, the sun was pouring in, I had two kitties next to me
competing for an ear rub,and I flipped open the pages of opportunity
for better living...some sage advice on how I could live better
feel better, look better
I flipped the page....
Okay...I can see myself in that hat...sort of
not exactly..lets read on Susan

Oh, flip
I hit the bed and am out in 10 seconds
just ask my husband :)

ooo..she's cute....I wear glasses

hmmm.did a male write this one?

who wears mom jeans....not me

hmm.now we're talking
I have always wanted to get my hands on pair of those russian kettles

mmmm...such wonderful advertisement
I'm liking this magazine

yes I can....could...wanted to
I'm good at the child's pose


there aren't enough roads
maybe next year.....it's inspiring
to read

that kind of girl's night in
I don't do rearranging :)

yes, they are right
glad I bought the magazine

Besides, I'm a sucker for a good ad
and I am going to work very hard at getting into that hat

Women's Health....buy it at your newsstand now


  1. you are funny... we are on different ways. I am (everybody would hate me for this) excited for the winter where all I do is sit down watch tv, blog and eat a lot so I can gain weight. I am tired hearing the line "you are to boney!"...

    but for you sister, go for it.


    btw, I love the way you put those pics and those words. made me laugh... you are wonderful...

  2. ha you feel better already eh? that was a fun trip through your mag...

  3. Thanks for spending the four bucks to entertain us. What the heck are mom jeans anyway?

  4. I'm certain they managed to excite lots of folks. If it works for you, why not?

    Looking good is about feeling good and staying focused on what goes in our bodies, and how well we maintain them.

    I'm looking forward to you in that hat.

  5. I like the goal of fitting into the hat... I can deal with that sort of pressure.

  6. Hey Suz---I think you and I are in very similar places. I thought I had discovered health, fitness and lighter weight for good but I have slowly but surely gone back to where I was. My problem with the whole thing is that it seems as if you have to dedicate your whole life to preparing healthy meals and getting lots of exercise---and I don't want to!! There are other things I want to dedicate my life to!!! Why does it have to be so frickin' hard?!?! I am fighting heredity and severe carb cravings!! Is this a battle I can EVER win?!?! I must admit that, just once I would like to know what it feels like to be truly thin. I don't think I have ever been there!!! Ah well, thanks for listening!! I wish you much success. I know how much it means to you!!!

  7. Thanks for the preview of the mag. Do they have an e-zine version we can look at? And, you fall asleep in 5 seconds flat???? What is your secret? I work so physically hard outside every day and I have to take a pill to get there some nights. I am blaming it on the full moon. Something about that darn light it puts out keeps me awake. Or is it that "Minnie has her paws on me"?

  8. you crack me up, woman!

    i think there's a building consensus that a photo of you in that hat is required.

    hey, have you seen "whole living"? i bought a copy the other day, 'cause i was in a magazine kind of mood. it's actually a cool collection of good advice, recipes and inspiration. check it out.

    and carry on, suz...you can do it!

  9. So you want to see me in that hat...hee hee
    okay..hopefully soon

    Ah,Brian...sometimes I have to brush off my comedy act

    Karen...Whole Living...Natural Health...my daughter dropped off a whole stack of them....bugger

    Robin...I'll email you

  10. I have to come and read this in detail.


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