Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kitty O'Shea

I'm back to my writing group...another good thing about Fall.
Last week we were given a prompt to write about.....1200 wc
about a public argument. I finished it. It's called, Seeing Red
Cathartic,actually. Felt good.
This is Ms.Kitty O'Shea, boss kitty of the house
she finally stopped walking across my keyboard and settled down on the bed next to me.

Will she ever give up her dream of becoming a writer?
I wonder.


  1. I am kinda jealous that you have a writing group. They are lucky to have you.

  2. Will we be seeing more mystery short stories? Hope so.

  3. Oh that request? oooo!
    For you, I shall.
    Did the lillies the way...?

  4. too. This one is fun. We read works in progress and do 10minute writing prompts and sometimes we get a prompt to take home....all under the wonderful guidance of a fabulous person who teaches creative writing for a living
    What I have learned... keep writing

  5. What a beautiful cat! She's just waiting for a hug!

  6. nice on the writing we get toread any of it? smiles.

    my new kitten has a fascination with getting stuck on the roof...

  7. I come and visit because of your writerly skills and lovely heart. There was never any question about it - YOU ARE A WRITER!!!

  8. Good for you! Done with the first one...

    Isn't she adorable... No way... We will continue to try to be a writer in our own right.. LOL!


  9. Oh, Kitty looks so plump and loved. I miss having a kitty around. With 2 dogs in the house I'm not sure a cat would have a chance. Lucky you to be writing again. The seasons sort of dictate what we do with our time, don't they!

  10. What a great looking cat, so contented!

  11. no dreams no life... so i hope she doesn't stop dreaming

  12. What a cute cat !
    Never giving up your dream ...
    Nice weekend,

  13. Look forward to seeing more of your stories

  14. You are really digging in with the revamped diet and back to writing -- good for you! Fall weather is inspiring!

  15. Personally, I would rather hear her play a medley from "Cats" on the old "joanna".


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