Thursday, September 8, 2011

Losing weight is one of our punishments handed down to us from that lousy Adam and Eve's first boo boo in that lovely garden...I just know it
Sucks....big time
Did you ever wonder why one weekend of thoughtless eating can pack lbs on
and yet, one weekend of watching every crumb that goes into your mouth does not even move that darn scale one ounce!  I think science should look into this contradiction
There are many ways to accomplish weight loss
mostly it's eat less move more
but that's not all of it...truly it is not

And have you ever noticed that when you start watching the food that goes into your mouth...your mind starts to be obsessed with cooking and recipes and cookbooks!
Get thee behind me Satan.....oh yeah,,,,,that snake

But I am dwelling in  possibilites
like getting back into my fabulous leather jackets
and my little jingly belts
and my red high heel shoes.......did you know that you can gain weight in your feet.......rotten serpent!
So I will go to sleep tonight
with that thing that perches in my heart
that thingy with wings....


  1. Oh yes, losing is never easy when you want to.

  2. stay with will lose...they really should look into the scientifically...

  3. "Hope springs eternal" or so they say.
    I really identify with this effort. Keep at it. Don't be discouraged.
    Join Weight Watchers... it's one of the best ways to lose weight and now you can do it on line.

  4. So true Suz and if you find that snake, it´ll be nice with some herbs..................

  5. I need some of that thingy with wings too!

  6. probably i am one of the lucky guys who can loose and gain weight as easy as watching tv. LOL!

    as i have mentioned, i am in a ballet school since i was 4 up to 12yo, shifted to folk dancing in high school and ballroom dancing in college.

    with that i develop good metabolism. plus swimming.

    so, i usually have coffee in the morning then my three full meals are at 10am - 2 pm and 7 pm. that is to maintain my weight. if i wanted to gain some, i put in snacks in between. if want more weight, add sweets. that's my diet.

    have fun everyone. besides, it's not how light or heavy we are, it is the inner feeling of how beautiful/handsome that would make us feel good no matter what.


  7. There are some basic things that u have to accept before that accumulated fat can be moved.

    1) Set realistic goals, stick to 'em. Do not expect to achieve a figure of happy twenties in your mid fifties ;)

    2) Understand your body...identify whether it is prone to fat accumulation. If yes, then howsoever much u love sweets and junks...Avoid them.

    3) Eat healthy, add veggies, salads, fruits, yogurts, sprouts to your meal. Begin meals with soups and salads, eat slowly chewing your food and drink water in between. This will reduce your appetite.

    4) Instead of taking 3 major meals, take small meals at frequent intervals and like I said make sure ur meals have more of fruits, salads and veggies.

    5) While u are controlling your diet, exercise well, early morning empty stomach exercises from 30-45 mins are more than enough.

    Have fun reducing :)

  8. I'm not sure it was the apple that Adam and Eve took a bite out of that is the problem. It's all the other food that came along after that first bite. Had they confined their diet to just apples, we'd probably be just fine. How did they ever find chocolate anyway!!! I'm right there with you girl. Heading to WW right after I hit the "publish your comment button". Wish me luck. And I'll do the same for you. We should be on a buddy system with each other!! Call me!

  9. wow Meeta...where do I send the check!

  10. This is never been my strong suit. But I'm wishing you the best! xoxoxoxo

  11. Listen to Dr. Meeta, she's a tough cookie.

  12. Not the apple, but that danged good pie that gets us.
    I can relate very well to this dilemma. And why is it, that, just over night, we seem to have developed the waddle under our arms....damned serpent is right!
    Sleep tight...tighter, tuck your belly in and I will too, now , breathe. Awwww, that should help.

  13. RED SHOES!!!!!
    And Meeta, will you be my life coach :)


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