Saturday, September 10, 2011

This is from google images
not my scale...though I wished it was
even with the chubby toes...if only I weighed 120 again
But I do have good news
my number on the scale has gone down
4 lbs since last Friday
whoo hoo
I am struggling with hypertension...will see the doctor again on Monday
another med, I'm sure
But it's really the clothes that I love that I cannot button  around my
bazoomies and all the other clothes that don't fit just right or not at all
Darn, I worked so hard getting into them 5 years ago
What happened?
I know where it began......I lost my beloved trainer
nuts that he was
But he worked me harder than I have ever worked before
no mercy
no excuses
This is not a TEA PARTY he used to tell me
Well,his personal life took a very bad turn and he was gone
I tried to find another trainer.....but no one was him
no one......nutso and all
I did the reformer for years
and yoga....
I stayed flexible...but it was the free weights and other taxing things that did the job
and the strenuous 3 day a week full body work out that did it
and walking an hour a day and being disciplined about my diet.....especially carbs
What happened?
Inch by inch it happened
ounce by ounce
I almost gave into my old lifestyle

But, I gave myself a good talking to
and said....JUMP!
So here I am.....4 measly pounds lighter
and working out again
3 days a week.....trying to be my own Dave the trainer
but it's the beauty I'm after
it is important to me to be beautiful
this is not a shallow goal
and it took me years to figure this one out
I've kept the outside beauty ...the changes
but inside I was losing my own standard
I was not true to myself
so it's off to getting back into those clothes
and gorgeous shoes
and jingling with my bracelets on toned arms
Ah...if feels good to be back full steam
Oh, and thank you to all you wonderful blogger friends
for your encouragement
Jj......I like your eating pattern
Dr. Meeta...... very good advice is a struggle isn't it girl, but that is not an excuse
we're really tough we need to be our own warriors
and Teri.....oh my ...bless you for your helpful words
it is our health too...really formost.....but for me it is taping into
my desire that does it for me...fuels my engine to live well
let's check in with each other



  1. I'm so proud of you! You are my hero.

  2. Ha Annell....I'll think of you when I'm at muscle fatigue...thanks

  3. Nuts are good for you.

    Hope you find another nutty trainer.

    In the meantime, you're doing inspiring stuff. Best of luck.

  4. Wow! True to your standards, now that's a mantra we should all live by.

  5. You have echoed words and emotions shared by so many of us! I salute you, Suz! And I'm with you ...

  6. wish along the way you will bump on someone who will be like your trainer nuts before..

    have fun working out...


  7. ah Helen I knew you were of he sisterhood do I is always...begin..again

  8. hey there is four in the positive direction right...and i am glad you are finding yourself inside and can be true to that...

  9. You understand the factors of doing this.
    If you get it right in your head, want it badly enough and work hard at it... the weight comes off.
    No excuses,no whining (well, maybe a little along the way) and hard work.
    You can do it.

  10. apt sentiments..

    love the image you choose. excellent magpie.

  11. Oh, you made me feel so guilty for the single scoop of ice cream I had with my Grandloves birthday cake today...tomorrow I will walk an extra 1/2 mile and back.,promise.
    Thanks for the kick in the pants.
    I am woman, I am strong. I am a warrior.

  12. I used to be a professional trainer in another life, wish I could help you but I think you are doing great on your own! You know what to do, it is more a matter of making yourself do it that you might need help with. Hope you can either continue to do it on your own or find a local who can be a good trainer for you.

  13. Well done Suz. It is always hared I think being your own trainer and you are doing it!

  14. Wow that's a GREAT loss (to me of the .5 losses every week). I'm started Weight Watchers again tomorrow & now that I've had my hip surgery there is NO excuse to not do cardio. Woot!

  15. hhip surgery! what?
    Glad you got through it just fine...and soon back to getting moving...
    I was very diligent about what went into my diet this past week
    and I moved

  16. My advice is; 'ask your garden gnome'. He will say he has not put on one ounce all Summer because he doesn't eat. That is one way, but you could worry more, prepare for a colonoscopy (but not necessarily go) and if all else fails, exercise.
    Henry Ford said; "I don't believe in exercise. If I ever get the urge, I lie down until the feeling goes away!"

  17. Oh are a peachy one
    and the doc says I am due for one of those curses of evil

  18. OMH, I am to the point where the big sizes are tight!
    I need to do it, for my heart, for my health....for me!

  19. Yes! for our health. we do need a diet support group. I want some of your enthusiasm to rub off on me, Sue! Keep talking about it.


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