Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Magpie #81

Thanks to Tess for always offering interesting photo prompts

a broken axle
mud washed up around a tire
life passes quickly
abandoned barn junk
long gone the cries of children
the silence of wood


  1. When i was young and barely can do what i wanted because my mother would always say i am too young to make a good decision on my own and i feel like time is too slow, but now i feel like time is too fast that i cannot cope up with it. Wish i can turn back the clock...


  2. nice...really like the second one...we used to love finding old int the was like treasure...

  3. "...the silence of wood." I love the second one!

    PS: word verification: burri. Kinda like that wheel!

  4. I find haiku fascinating ... good job, Suz!

  5. I liked both your haiku, the second perhaps, for preference.

  6. You said it all in two haikus,really liked them!
    Harsh but so very true...

  7. So is too your take on the prompt Suz! :-)

  8. I love Haiku. It's so condensed and elemental.
    Love the second one best...
    "..the silence of wood." I love this line.
    Great photo.

  9. I beg to differ with you on the "silence of wood". Wood speaks to me and buried inside a block of wood is something crying to be set free.

  10. Ha Audrey..just saw your comment...yes, coming from a woodcarver...yes indeed
    I was hinting at wood as witness
    have you ever carved old barn wood? or is it too hard
    but I loved this comment....and agree about what lives in wood and stone....the creator maybe


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