Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You would have thought a Prince was about to be born
all the family gathered around
for his appearance
worth the wait...of course
He smiled at everyone....
Daughter Sarah is beaming
and resting
Oh I like days like these
Even great grandma was there to share in the joy
7lbs 1 oz
21 inches long
Mom had to have a rush c-section
and Walters blood sugar is a bit high
so there are a few things to take care of still
he'll be in nicu for 36 hours
We came home in a ice ball storm
and woke up this morning to a winter wonderland
of very heavy 5-6 inches of snow
Branches on the trees bending weighted down by this white stuff
Oh well......nothing came wreck my good mood today
 thank you for your prayers and good wishes

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

crossed fingers and prayers

Blogger has it out for me
I am unable to upload pictures, and it is not a storage problem
I like to blog along with a photo...I guess because I like pictures
But, oh well, I am getting frustrated going into my computer to post pictures
So today it is just words.

Little Walter is still not here, so the doctors are going to induce my daughter.

Funny how our mom hats go right back on, competing with my grandma hat
No fear, there is room for both.
I am too nervous to tackle any more projects....only pacing to await a call
to come to the hospital.
Yesterday it was 55 degrees outside...can you believe it? Miss Kitty O'Shea hogged up the opened screened door, basking in warm sunlight on her aching joints. Age has its privileges.

Much of the snow has melted....but oh dear, we are going to get 6-8 inches tonight.
that should make good traveling on the toll way.  Maybe we will go will only be raining with 40 mph winds. :-O

What I love about this event is the pulling together of the family. Major events do that.
We put aside our squabbles and different opinions and just love one another.
Our circle about to get bigger.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Still no baby
So I decided to tackle another project
cleaning my pantry
Have you ever looked at expiration dates on your spices?
and really how many cans of tomato sauce do I need
and what's with all these nuts?!
It is a beautiful blue sky day...I even opened the kitchen window
..I had a Swedish girlfriend who always told me to fling open the windows in the winter
air the house out or risk getting sick
Gosh I miss her. Her name was Sigrid
She had many sayings...
Like " you've got 5minutes to cry about it.....then get yourself back up"
"Your kid will always remember that you were there"
'If all else fails, bake bread"
I moved away and lost contact with her...I've tried to find her...but I think she remarried and
that was that.
I will be busy this summer with two new grandchildren..
.Tuula is growing so fast...
and praise the Lord..she is just like her mother
and you mother's out there know what I meant by that :)
And hopefully Walter will be born any minute now...!!
 I sense the years going by quickly
and I thought today that I must reconnect to my girlfriends...
I  somehow have been very busy these past years and going through much sadness
to connect much....
.But finding Sigrid's old large wooden spoon
in my kitchen drawer has given me pause.....
I need my girlfriends
I may even make up with one .....
that I truly do miss.....but ticks me off
the days are passing by fast....time to let go of the negative energy
that has kept me mad at her for 8 years
I think I may call her...listen to her drop the phone
....this could be good

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The only one that is focused in this house is Boo
 I had to move my oxalis plant off of the cabinet
so he could get a catbird seat view
Why just look at that little sparrow...braving the window sill
Boo jumped and all the birds flew away
but they'll be back
It has been snowing for hours now
.....I am at my wits end with this winter
truly, I know we are all mostly in this same boat
but what happens to US is the most important
I can't seem to stay focused on anything but the weather
Friends call to bitch about it
and I listen sort of......
I have been making use of my time served
to clean out closets....but that is really a dangerous thing to do
I found a letter from 1969 from my brother
talking about how afraid and nervous he was to go to Viet Nam
He made it through Nam but died months after returning home
in a car accident.........but really  another victim of the war
I found colorings from my children when they were preschoolers
and old pictures....was I really that thin and cute? I wish I would have known that then
I spent my whole adult life feeling underordinary
It wasn't until I turned fifty and joined a bunch of crazy women
that I really found out who I was.....and I have enjoyed her ever since
It is hard to prune one's life of old clutter.....but I think there comes a time
when it is a must
So being in the mood I have been lately
I dived in
showing no mercy
closets should be cleaned and sorted by

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Miss Kitty O'Shea and I feel the same
We have both have been on a diet
during the longest winter ever
and we are crabby
It doesn't help that my daughter is overdue
Her baby was due March 1
and the last time I looked it is March 4th
Every day I try to console her....he'll come...he'll come when he's ready
poor thing...She can't sleep and has terrible heartburn
and she still gets up and goes to work
Heck, back in the day...hate that expression....but
back in the day....I stopped driving after my 5th month
and I babied myself......nothing has changed...If I want babying, I have to do it myself
no one takes pity on a 63 year old grandma
They just think I can do it......I always have
But hey, I am slowing down
exercise is getting harder
eating more restrictive,
I need Spring!
I know it will help my attitude to smell the wet glorious earth warming up
and to see a daffodil ...heck I want to see sunflowers!
oh and to hear the early morning song of the robin on my rooftop
oh, a woman can still have dreams
green...I want to see green
green grass, green leaves, green frogs
I feel better already
now if only I can get Picasa to post to blogger

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