Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The only one that is focused in this house is Boo
 I had to move my oxalis plant off of the cabinet
so he could get a catbird seat view
Why just look at that little sparrow...braving the window sill
Boo jumped and all the birds flew away
but they'll be back
It has been snowing for hours now
.....I am at my wits end with this winter
truly, I know we are all mostly in this same boat
but what happens to US is the most important
I can't seem to stay focused on anything but the weather
Friends call to bitch about it
and I listen sort of......
I have been making use of my time served
to clean out closets....but that is really a dangerous thing to do
I found a letter from 1969 from my brother
talking about how afraid and nervous he was to go to Viet Nam
He made it through Nam but died months after returning home
in a car accident.........but really  another victim of the war
I found colorings from my children when they were preschoolers
and old pictures....was I really that thin and cute? I wish I would have known that then
I spent my whole adult life feeling underordinary
It wasn't until I turned fifty and joined a bunch of crazy women
that I really found out who I was.....and I have enjoyed her ever since
It is hard to prune one's life of old clutter.....but I think there comes a time
when it is a must
So being in the mood I have been lately
I dived in
showing no mercy
closets should be cleaned and sorted by


  1. I think that 'sparrow' is actually a greenfinch! Great photo.

    1. I think it may have been a goldfinch in winter color
      ....not a sparrow....seems they have arrived in a flock this past week..maybe that means something SPRING is coming?
      fingers crossed... thanks for the visit AJ

  2. smiles...hey if it takes you that long to find yourself it is worth it you know....
    oy, i am not looking forward to spring cleaning...but i will take spring...smiles.

  3. You can’t say that winter has brought you no benefits. Reminding yourself of what was is healing too.

    I hope it’ll all change soon. After all, our rain stopped after about six weeks and nothing lasts for ever. Neither misery nor joy. Or snow.

  4. Yes it is a Goldfinch, they loose a lot of their brilliant yellow in winter...but the days are getting longer and soon they will be that incredible splash of yellow and black zooming through the shrubs.

    I loved your post! It is so true how we can become cluttered in our lives and we need to spring clean more than just our closets!

    God Bless you!

  5. Great post Suz, and yes it is some experience sifting through old memories especially those that define us on our voyage of self discovery.

  6. Cleaning closets is a great analogy to the clutter in our minds. I've been accumulating lately and need to clean some "closets" too.
    I really like this post. Makes me think about cobwebs in my own head that I need to let go of.


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