Friday, March 7, 2014

Still no baby
So I decided to tackle another project
cleaning my pantry
Have you ever looked at expiration dates on your spices?
and really how many cans of tomato sauce do I need
and what's with all these nuts?!
It is a beautiful blue sky day...I even opened the kitchen window
..I had a Swedish girlfriend who always told me to fling open the windows in the winter
air the house out or risk getting sick
Gosh I miss her. Her name was Sigrid
She had many sayings...
Like " you've got 5minutes to cry about it.....then get yourself back up"
"Your kid will always remember that you were there"
'If all else fails, bake bread"
I moved away and lost contact with her...I've tried to find her...but I think she remarried and
that was that.
I will be busy this summer with two new grandchildren..
.Tuula is growing so fast...
and praise the Lord..she is just like her mother
and you mother's out there know what I meant by that :)
And hopefully Walter will be born any minute now...!!
 I sense the years going by quickly
and I thought today that I must reconnect to my girlfriends...
I  somehow have been very busy these past years and going through much sadness
to connect much....
.But finding Sigrid's old large wooden spoon
in my kitchen drawer has given me pause.....
I need my girlfriends
I may even make up with one .....
that I truly do miss.....but ticks me off
the days are passing by fast....time to let go of the negative energy
that has kept me mad at her for 8 years
I think I may call her...listen to her drop the phone
....this could be good


  1. it will be a busy summer...but you know you will love it...
    i like your friend and her wisdom...

  2. It's best to make up with friends I think.

  3. Hello Suz,

    Well, in truth, we have never really been ones for family......much preferring to spend time with friends and to nurture those friendships. It will, of course, be wonderful for you to give time to your grandchildren. They do grow so quickly and there are precious moments which must not be missed. But, friends are terrifically important to one's well being and they do require some attention. Otherwise, they wither and go.

    We do very much like the sound of Sigrid. a woman after our own hearts, definitely.

  4. I loved this post! I currently have the windows and door open to let in the good JUJU! The air feels more alive in the house already. I wonder about the expiration date on some spices...s it marketing? I have some nutmeg nuts that are ancient..they still spice up things, well maybe not as strong as they did but still well.
    Your very right about friends. We need to be able to bend someones ear now and then. appreciate everyone of them even if they can annoy you!
    As to Sigrid....the common sense approach she obviously had is much needed in this day and age.

    Enjoy the anticipation of your grand babies arrival!

    1. Now I miss Sigrid even more.....and her bread
      And baby Walter is still taking his time :)!

  5. Sigrid sounds like an amazing friend and a great loss. Great attitude though Suz, no point on holding on to regrets.

  6. Great post! I'm not awaiting a grandbaby but I too have been cleaning the pantry and several disgraceful closets. Your friend Sigrid sounds terrific. I like the way she thinks!

  7. funny remind me of her

  8. I agree with sigrid, when all else fails bake bread. And congratulations for Walter, god bless him with love and happiness :)


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