Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Miss Kitty O'Shea and I feel the same
We have both have been on a diet
during the longest winter ever
and we are crabby
It doesn't help that my daughter is overdue
Her baby was due March 1
and the last time I looked it is March 4th
Every day I try to console her....he'll come...he'll come when he's ready
poor thing...She can't sleep and has terrible heartburn
and she still gets up and goes to work
Heck, back in the day...hate that expression....but
back in the day....I stopped driving after my 5th month
and I babied myself......nothing has changed...If I want babying, I have to do it myself
no one takes pity on a 63 year old grandma
They just think I can do it......I always have
But hey, I am slowing down
exercise is getting harder
eating more restrictive,
I need Spring!
I know it will help my attitude to smell the wet glorious earth warming up
and to see a daffodil ...heck I want to see sunflowers!
oh and to hear the early morning song of the robin on my rooftop
oh, a woman can still have dreams
green...I want to see green
green grass, green leaves, green frogs
I feel better already
now if only I can get Picasa to post to blogger


  1. i hope you get your green soon enough...its been snowing and sleeting here the last couple days...i am ready for a bit of life...i hear you on being crabby...winter is getting to all of us...smiles. have a great day suz

  2. Chinese food worked for me (two out of four times).

  3. Awww, your poor daughter. Is this her first? They say first babies are often late. My first was due 11/23 but not born until 11/30. Hopefully soon!!! LOVE Miss Kitty O'Shea's dainty folded paws - she is ADORABLE! It's still bitter cold here, but the weathermen say the 40's is not too far off. It will seem like a heat wave! I'm glad you enjoyed the bluebirds - I am so excited they've been visiting every day!... Donna

    1. when I see bluebirds...that's means I will be at our weekend house in Galena......yeah!!!! But for now...I'll enjoy yours lucky woman

  4. Suz, I'll take the daffodils, but not sunflowers just yet: That would mean summer was almost over, and I don't want THAT! haha! I have a feeling that we're going to have cold right through most of April this year... :(((((

    1. yeesh......I fear you are right.....but I do adore and swoon over sunflowers

  5. I hope the baby comes soon and al is well. And hey Grandmas are just like a female version of Superman!


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