Tuesday, March 11, 2014

crossed fingers and prayers

Blogger has it out for me
I am unable to upload pictures, and it is not a storage problem
I like to blog along with a photo...I guess because I like pictures
But, oh well, I am getting frustrated going into my computer to post pictures
So today it is just words.

Little Walter is still not here, so the doctors are going to induce my daughter.

Funny how our mom hats go right back on, competing with my grandma hat
No fear, there is room for both.
I am too nervous to tackle any more projects....only pacing to await a call
to come to the hospital.
Yesterday it was 55 degrees outside...can you believe it? Miss Kitty O'Shea hogged up the opened screened door, basking in warm sunlight on her aching joints. Age has its privileges.

Much of the snow has melted....but oh dear, we are going to get 6-8 inches tonight.
that should make good traveling on the toll way.  Maybe we will go earlier...it will only be raining with 40 mph winds. :-O

What I love about this event is the pulling together of the family. Major events do that.
We put aside our squabbles and different opinions and just love one another.
Our circle about to get bigger.



  1. My Father was a March 9th baby, born in 1904, he was also a bit stubborn but there was no inducing then and not such clear records of actual term! [He was supposed to be an April baby] Those stubborn ones are determined to walk their own way right from the start! My prayers to you and your family and say Hi to Walter for me!

  2. 6-8 more inches tonight...oh my....its nice and warm here today...what a bipolar winter we have had....ridiculous....enjoy that time together with family...that is always a good thing...

  3. Oh spring, I have a love/hate relationship with her! I could use some of that nesting energy, mine is long gone. The pantry is a shove and slam situation now.
    Prayers to you and yours and love and hugs too :)

  4. Can't wait to hear! Missed you today...

  5. I will say my prayers for her too! So excited to hear news of this baby :) We are also supposed to have a TON of snow! Trying to make myself look forward to a nice cozy day in front of the fire... Although I'd much prefer the springlike weather we've been having! Keep us posted Suz!!

  6. The strength of family Suz, a wonderful gift!

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