Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You would have thought a Prince was about to be born
all the family gathered around
for his appearance
worth the wait...of course
He smiled at everyone....
Daughter Sarah is beaming
and resting
Oh I like days like these
Even great grandma was there to share in the joy
7lbs 1 oz
21 inches long
Mom had to have a rush c-section
and Walters blood sugar is a bit high
so there are a few things to take care of still
he'll be in nicu for 36 hours
We came home in a ice ball storm
and woke up this morning to a winter wonderland
of very heavy 5-6 inches of snow
Branches on the trees bending weighted down by this white stuff
Oh well......nothing came wreck my good mood today
 thank you for your prayers and good wishes


  1. Oh Sue - he is a prince! Congratulations to all and hugs to "Mommy". I am so happy for you and both of your new little sweethearts. Your family is growing!

  2. He is is great to finally meet the Walter we have been waiting for! Some day he will know he has an enormous blog family that awaited his arrival. God Bless your family and its newest member!

    1. Walter...such a big name for a peanut

  3. yay! congratulations! what a beautiful little refreshing...
    even if it snows...smiles.

  4. congratulations, grandma:):):)
    sharing your joy over this fine beautiful little one.
    may the warm breezes find you soon,

  5. Sending you virtual hugs filled with relief and joy, Suz! He is precious and so, so lucky to have landed amidst your loving family. Congratulations to all! xo

  6. Oh, Suz, he's so sweet !
    Congrats to all !

  7. This is precious.

  8. What a handsome little chap. Congrads to you all!

  9. Congratulations grandma, he is a super little one..and with him came your snow. Beautiful and clean and new..
    What a wonderful start to your year.

    Once a long while ago you lifted me with your words so every now and then I pop to see what you're up to and wow you've grown a grand child!
    Blessings Chris x

    1. oh big hug hug hug to you Chris
      you have returned the gift to me by saying so

  10. Oh my, he's a handsome little guy! I hope mama is feeling better, those C-sections can be rough. Soak it all in grammie :)

    1. oh he's a cute little one for is amazing....she is nuts for this boy......soaking it up and resting...not getting any younger and it's not as easy as it once was.........good thing all I have to do is spoil

  11. FABULOUS photo of the little prince! So glad that he has finally arrived in the arms of a very loving family! Sorry about your winter storm. It's been a long one. I hope you don't lose many limbs to the heavy white stuff. And yes, I will bribe my little bluebirds with mealworms for as long as I can :) Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. A beautiful baby, congratulations!!

  13. Walter - OH MY! A little Prince, no question about it. Tuula's box has been riding around in the back seat of my Honda as I schlep back and forth - I will send it this week!!! (What a total train wreck I am!)
    Now ... onto Walter ...

  14. Congratulations to all! What a joy!

  15. Suz, you are so funny with your 'show off' comment on the bluebird post! LOL Hope you're getting to spend lots of time rocking and holding the Little Prince! Post new pix of him when you can!

  16. Aww ~ blessings and joy !

  17. A prince WAS born, Suz. Congratulations to all. (He's a handsome little dude.) I had two C sections. Sometimes it's the only choice. Hope your daughter is doing well. Joy comes to those who wait.

  18. It has been a very long time, my friend! So happy to hear your family's wonderful news about sweet Walter…I love that name! :)

  19. singing a loud and raucous hallelujah with and for you!!!
    such a precious beautiful and true.
    thanks for sharing the wonderful news
    ....prayers rising for a quick mend all around.

  20. Congratulations Grandma, Mom and Baby, all the family included!
    Aren't babies such a sweet blessing. If only innocence and perfection of new life were contagious as God wishes for each of us...God Blessings Be Yours

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