Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My heart is melting toward Spring
Robin Red Breast sang early this morning outside of my window
 I stirred to the light of sunrise,
 roused to get up and open the just listen.

I went downstairs in my fuzzy slippers and put on a pot of coffee,
opened the patio door to hear the symphony going on
The cats heard it too and stretched and walked into the room
and lined up by the bird watch

Miss Kitty O'Shea is feeling much better. Her nail had grown inward into her paw
and she had to have a visit to the vet last week......something she detests
...there are lesser creatures dogs
But she survived the ordeal just fine and is on the mend....I even caught her walking upstairs! good when you really need them.
 Abbey goes next week for a teeth cleaning,
that should be fun.....not
Little Boo hasn't got a clue that this going to happen to him, too. ..a visit to the vet
for his yearly.....When I took Miss Kitty he freaked at seeing her in the carrier,
wailed like I had never heard before, tail and body fur 2 times its normal funny
He and Abbey hid all day......ha ha he goes next week

I have been going to bed smelling like an old lady lately.....arthritis cream on my arms and legs
not pretty
But we are getting wood floors put in upstairs and the man said everything has to come out of the closets and small things out of the rooms...he'll move the big furniture
yikes! Good thing I have been cleaning out the closets this dreadful winter.
But I'm telling you this is not a job for the weak or frail
.....I am so sore from packing stuff into bins, hauling them into the basement,
....I have too many clothes and shoes
....kept too much of my children's childhood
...too many art supplies and writing books, notebooks, poetry folders
.....too much jewelry and perfume
.....too much

I know I will not be putting it back into my closets or rooms
...Book cases are going to be pared
Writing notebooks gone through
Goodwill will be the recipient of many shoes, belts
purses and clothes that I hoped to get back know how that goes

I will not be hosting  Easter dinner
This I know for sure



  1. the wood floors will be nice once they are in...we want wood floors...
    ouch on the ingrown nail....not fun at all...glad she is feeling better....

    1. Oh they will...but right now it seems like it will never be done

  2. Hello Suz:

    Hearing birdsong first thing in the morning is, truly, one of the delights of this time of year which is, as you so clearly appreciate, full of hope and promise.

    It sounds as if you have been very busy clearing out your cupboards and wardrobes in preparation for your wooden floors. It all puts us in mind of Spring Cleaning!

    1. I hope when I breathe my last breath it will be early morning in spring with the windows open.......a glide into heaven

  3. Oooh wood floors!! Good and exciting reason to clean out the closets at least, as opposed to cleaning for cleaning's sake! By the way, I meant to ask if you were on Instagram, by chance? If so I would love to follow you and see the pics of the beautiful garden, animals, and grand babies I'm sure you'd be often posting about!

  4. ahh....that would be a no......don't you need a smart phone for that? I have adumb phone and I like it.....This old brain is hard to train or retrain
    I would post more pictures...but I keep getting this error message on picasa and I can't seem to please them no matter what I try....
    Maybe Ill break down and get a new kids would like that....

  5. Yep- you have to have a smartphone!! It is an app. If you do get it, you have to let me know :) my mom likes her old flip phone, but I'm trying to convince her to get an iPhone so she can Facetime with her grandson! She is ALMOST convinced! ;)

  6. Well...FINALLY! Have missed you and thought you were busy with that baby. But here you are in the closets...don't throw out anything "good"! :) Your floors sound wonderful; your kitty stories hysterical..."lesser creatures" huh...ha!

  7. Wood floors, really like them. Sorting through things, hate it, especailly fresh in my mind as we only moved a month or so ago.......

  8. It is so good to get to "read" you again. I missed you! Spring is doing its thing with the birds in full force. Robin's staking out territory is always exciting! Getting things ready to deal with the debris of winter is both exhausting and renewing! Post floor photos I bet they will be wonderful! I am glad your Cats paw is doing better! Good luck with the next vet sojourn!

  9. Hi Suz! I've missed your last couple of posts--Congrats on your new precious family addition! And you are certainly busy these days, but I hope all goes well for your Little Boo, and Miss Kitty O'Shea is doing great too! Take care of yourself!! :-)

  10. I swear, I could have written this post myself! From the vet visits (3 in the past week of which one included claw clipping!) to the 'too much stuff' part! We had hardwoods put in one of the girls' old bedrooms last fall and I'm just now moving my office studio into that room. You said it - my girls left home but left their 'childhood' behind for us to deal with - and since I'm a sentimental fool I can't part with it! We are also going to have the carpet in our master bedroom and the smallest bedroom (my old office) replaced with hardwoods in the next month or two so it sounds like we're pretty much on the same page, you and I! Have a great week, Suz!

  11. I moved 3 times in 2 yeas and so I know just how you feel.


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