Friday, December 28, 2012

They knew.
They always know...
when you're exhausted

This year they caught me wallowing in
...what used to be
...what I rather see
...what wasn't.

Then you catch them peeking
into your darkest corners of
...and doubt.

That's when they attack
...when you're down
...when you're weakened
when you have resigned.

That's when the local viruses
and bacteria get you,
Invade your vulnerable body...
and your down for the count.

I guess this is the only way I would have stopped
and slowed down
and taken care of myself...
I was forced to.

Pots of tea
and cough meds
Pain relievers
and buttered saltines my Grandma used to make me.
A warm blanket on a comfy couch
...and last night
Project runway all stars

....and sleep came
and it was good

Friday, December 21, 2012

We're off to Galena!
They just had a blizzard!
Hills and valleys covered in snow
blue skies is good

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I went to a Christmas concert with my mom today
It was a gray sky day and a bit chilly
A few things weighed my spirit down &
I wasn't feeling the magic going in
We had a wonderful lunch of ham and scalloped potatoes
 And before the music began
I nestled my butt down in a back row chair
and held a printed sheet of song lyrics in my hand
They played and sang all the familiar Carols
and some fun holiday songs
I listened while staring around the room, the great hall
...staring at all the boughs of green
and the enormous Christmas tree covered in pressed
Queen Anne's Lace sprayed in glitter
Large red bows gracing the tips of the branches
...a Nativity set made out of yarn before me on the piano
....and still my sky was gray skied and chilly
What is wrong with me?
Little child within, lead me....
look, look for only you can
And then I heard the lady next to me sing
off key...way off key
but full of vigor
and she flipped her crossed legged foot to the beat
her foot carressed in the gaudiest christmas socks I had ever seen
She saw me looking at them and smiled
like a proud child
and then in front of her was a gray haired woman...
singing... tears running down her face
and a little patch of blue
 in my sky


Monday, December 17, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

day to turn 62

I honor this child within
she has led the way

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I remember flying out to Laguna Beach
to see my son's new house
We met my daughtet-in-law's mom at the restaurant
we brought our housewarming gifts along
but halfway through lunch...our daughter-in-law
pulled out two wrapped boxes
one for each mom
For You...she said
What? We are supposed to give you the gifts..
open she said
We ( her mom and I) screamed out at the same time
got up from the table and danced in the restaurant
We had been handed sonagrams
of this above pictured girl
Today she is 6 years old
Happy Birthday
my little princess wonder
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boo went to the vet today
I just know if I had had a sister
she would be like Boo
perfect weight
good fur
nice teeth
bright eyes

I won't tell Miss Kitty
she's miserable
with her 2 ounces of chicken
and a bit of kitty kibble
I won't breath a word

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Miss Kitty O'Shea went to the vet today
They made her get on to the scale
I know Kitty
I too have suffered this indignity
at the hands of my own doctor
......and they said the same thing to me, girl
Lose a few......huh!
easy for a young rail thin doctor to say
.....wait till she's had a litter
...then we'll see...
yeah...then we'll see
and add a few years and life's struggles
onto that ....and then we'll really see

...yes...Miss Kitty O'Shea
that was 2ounces of chicken a day
I had the vet's assistant write it down
hissssss you say

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