Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I went to a Christmas concert with my mom today
It was a gray sky day and a bit chilly
A few things weighed my spirit down &
I wasn't feeling the magic going in
We had a wonderful lunch of ham and scalloped potatoes
 And before the music began
I nestled my butt down in a back row chair
and held a printed sheet of song lyrics in my hand
They played and sang all the familiar Carols
and some fun holiday songs
I listened while staring around the room, the great hall
...staring at all the boughs of green
and the enormous Christmas tree covered in pressed
Queen Anne's Lace sprayed in glitter
Large red bows gracing the tips of the branches
...a Nativity set made out of yarn before me on the piano
....and still my sky was gray skied and chilly
What is wrong with me?
Little child within, lead me....
look, look for joy...as only you can
And then I heard the lady next to me sing
off key...way off key
but full of vigor
and she flipped her crossed legged foot to the beat
her foot carressed in the gaudiest christmas socks I had ever seen
She saw me looking at them and smiled
like a proud child
and then in front of her was a gray haired woman...
singing... tears running down her face
and a little patch of blue
 in my sky



  1. smiles...beautiful...music is def needed..even if off key to break through the clouds of these days...and tears....

  2. yes. finding courage in small places. it's sometimes all we can do. xo

  3. Oh Suz, I must have been looking at the very same sky...and I do love crazy Christmas socks.

  4. Beautifully developed piece. In addition to my own gray sky moodiness, I found myself traveling along with your chilly gray. But oh, I could not help but feel the light come into my heart when I followed your eyes to those gaudy Christmas socks. ~heart warming smiles~

    1. ha, it happened that fast and that easily
      bless the socks and the old woman's tears

  5. Beautiful Suz.. Your words always seem to hit me at just the right time.

    I'm feeling the same weight.. from grieving for the victims of shooting to some sudden serious health issues with the ones closest to me (both human and pets!), my heart is just so heavy right now :( I'm hoping I will find a piece of blue sky here soon too

    1. oh sara, I will pray for your loved one
      and for tucker, I presume
      heavy heart....nothing heavier
      hopw you find that patch of blue sky today

  6. Agreed! One of the pleasures of blogging has been to find your blog, Suz, and to experience your way with words. A lot of us have heavy hearts just now, and you have lifted them a bit with your ode to off-key singing and gaudy socks. Thank you.

    1. and you dear Michael have made me laugh
      ....and I am sure you have lifted your heart in doing so
      thank you and I hope Marie is healing surrounded by love

  7. It's wonderful where we find that "lift" just when we need it, Suz!! I lovely post and one I can definitely relate to! Thank you so much for visiting/commenting on my blog! I'm glad I've found yours!! Wishing you a very beautiful and Merry Christmas!!


  8. love your story...wish i had been there; i know the tree is beautiful. Oh...and I love pumpkin's patch! thank you!

    1. oh April....dont' you just want Maisie
      Julie could be good lambie mama
      don't you think?

  9. Isn't it interesting how those shifts occur?

    1. isnt' it wonderful that they do happen

  10. @Suz we all go through these phases don't we? I just got back from a vacation which went great on some counts, but in some places just left me feeling a bit like u were at the beginning of the post...But I'm letting the child within find the way back into being joyous and crazy

    1. yes..I know...I have been reading your posts....
      I think we need to clear out our inner closets sometimes.....let there be space for crazy christmas socks to light our dark corners
      blessings to you Kyra....

  11. My heart felt your words and tears sprung to my eyes.
    Those who's word's can roust my tender spirit are truly a blessing and I thank you.
    ~light & love~

    1. oh dear....you humble me
      thank you for your kind words
      ...light and love to you Barbara

  12. I love your images of glittery queen anne's lace on the tree and all the songs and prettiness....to no avail. Sometimes Christmas brings out despair for some reason. We all want so much love and to give so much love at Christmas. Old patterns emerge...with family and we are left disappointed. But the socks! They saved the day! They made you smile. So there is hope!


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