Sunday, December 29, 2013

A new life
A new granddaughter
the circle getting larger
What a blessing to us all

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Today it begins
The Christmas whirlwind
2 weeks of family
all gathered together
and my daughter is due anytime now
to give birth to little Tuula
plans...?....who can make plans
with all this going on
that is what is going on here
pure joy
Oh Lord

Decorating and preparing
takes on a different flavor
when there are children involved
So I have my favorite Christmas hymns and carols
blasting away as I prepare the way
I'm actually loving all this chaos
I am listening to Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel
and my heart is just about bursting
from nostalgia and love
nostalgia for the family that is no longer here
and love
for God with Us

Now to bake cookies

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy birthday Susie Sunshine...
like Mrs. Calabash,
-wherever you are
The knees weak
the ticker palpating
pills lined up on the kitchen counter.
I saw you this morning
through the fog of sleep
a sweet memory that had taste
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My goodness, my first grandchild is 7 today
and so far away in california
I called her early this morning to wish her Happy Birthday
and the first thing she said was
Happy birthday tomorrow Grandma!
A good heart
What more could a grandma ask for.....
a beautiful child with a loving
good heart
......two other beautiful grandchildren
and two more on the way!! that's what
Little Tuula is due on Christmas
yes, you read that right....Tuula
My children could take the prize in unusual names!
I wanted to be a grandma so badly
put it on my 25 list of things I desired...
boy oh boy....I was heard
By March...we will have 5

Little Walter is due March 1st
The wheel of life is turning
dizzying at times
..oh that could be my new blood pressure meds too!
Life is good
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I have a date with my mom today
....she's invited me to her senior group's luncheon
turkey and all the trimmings

and it will be great
She has reminded me that soon I will be 63
.....and that definitely qualifies me for the luncheon
with friends like her.....

Though I remember back to my younger days
when I was the youngest woman at our church's women's group
I was 26 and the others were into their 70's,80's and beyond
and they used to share stories about how when a new women would arrive
at their senior groups......the enemy
Most would grab hold of their husbands
and when a new man would join the group
 the single ones would make fools out of themselves
over a new man

and the senior women would dedicate their lives to
squashing the competition of a new....
especially an attractive... younger new woman
I think I will be the youngest one today
and I'm not decrepit looking
This should be an interesting time to test the stories of those long- gone church senior women
Maybe I'll skip the red lipstick
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