Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I have a date with my mom today
....she's invited me to her senior group's luncheon
turkey and all the trimmings

and it will be great
She has reminded me that soon I will be 63
.....and that definitely qualifies me for the luncheon
with friends like her.....

Though I remember back to my younger days
when I was the youngest woman at our church's women's group
I was 26 and the others were into their 70's,80's and beyond
and they used to share stories about how when a new women would arrive
at their senior groups......the enemy
Most would grab hold of their husbands
and when a new man would join the group
 the single ones would make fools out of themselves
over a new man

and the senior women would dedicate their lives to
squashing the competition of a new....
especially an attractive... younger new woman
I think I will be the youngest one today
and I'm not decrepit looking
This should be an interesting time to test the stories of those long- gone church senior women
Maybe I'll skip the red lipstick
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  1. Your mom is such a beauty! The two of you will be turning heads today!

  2. Have tons of fun, and do wear the bright red lipstick! Inspirational ...

  3. Oh wear the red lipstick , you vixen ! lol

  4. ha. i hope you dont get into any cat fights at hope you have a great time...smiles.

  5. You and your mother are beautiful, so keep your eyes demurely on the floor...unless you want a new grand story. Big hugs!!!!

    1. Nice occasionally to be the youngest!

    2. Suz what a great photograph and I am sure you are looking younger. Hope the day went well!

  6. What fun! And what a special time with your Mom! What a beautiful picture of your beautiful Mom! Hugs.


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