Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My goodness, my first grandchild is 7 today
and so far away in california
I called her early this morning to wish her Happy Birthday
and the first thing she said was
Happy birthday tomorrow Grandma!
A good heart
What more could a grandma ask for.....
a beautiful child with a loving
good heart
......two other beautiful grandchildren
and two more on the way!! that's what
Little Tuula is due on Christmas
yes, you read that right....Tuula
My children could take the prize in unusual names!
I wanted to be a grandma so badly
put it on my 25 list of things I desired...
boy oh boy....I was heard
By March...we will have 5

Little Walter is due March 1st
The wheel of life is turning
dizzying at times
..oh that could be my new blood pressure meds too!
Life is good
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  1. haha yeah you may want to check your family is about to burst wide....what a blessing though....


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