Friday, July 29, 2016

I'm going to a barbeque next week
and I want to show up looking good
how I wish I could still wear those heels
alas, I can't
Stinks....but I have had to make many adjustments lately
regarding getting older

Last night I tripped over the cat's toy mouse
in the dark...heading to the bathroom at 4am
good thing I have a four poster bed... that foot board post saved me
But...the four cats flying around the room like bats out of hell
with a stick of dynamite up their butt
was worth it

Yes, I have kept the feral kittens from a year and a half ago
nuts...I know
but the shelter wouldn't take them because they're feral
and know....I got attached
I have a saint for a husband
...he ignores them, but lets them stay
..a good man I married
There's an armed robber on the lose about 2 miles from here
near the store I was going to go to for a new pair of jeans
but decided to stay home because it's pouring outside
Don't you just hate an armed robber on the loose?
Five women were gunned down in that same mall about 5-6 years ago
....again I was going to go, but was too lazy to stop and get I stayed home
How many times have we had brushes with death or disaster and didn't know it?
I prayed last night
back in the saddle again

oh, that's not a picture of me.....
but a girl can dream
 ..................never did wear camouflage...darn....too late 

Thursday, July 28, 2016


I bought dill at the farmers market last week
I put it in a pitcher around the fireplace
and let it dry
It works its magic on me as I am in the business of ordinary things
a simple olfactory  delight
catching me unaware and suddenly
taking me back to grandpa's back yard
one of my saving graces of childhood
Today, it brought comfort unexpectedly
so many things on my mind that I have no power over
except for my reaction to them
and the dill stepped up
did its job
brought me to a place of safety
and a simpler time
where I just excepted its fragrance around me
connected to a bent over gray haired man
who spoke little
I loved him so
and the dill brought him to me in a magic way
I am at the point where I think I will stop praying
no one is listening
and my heart gets broken over and over again
but the dill
told me differently
remember the love always
and have faith

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