Friday, July 29, 2016

I'm going to a barbeque next week
and I want to show up looking good
how I wish I could still wear those heels
alas, I can't
Stinks....but I have had to make many adjustments lately
regarding getting older

Last night I tripped over the cat's toy mouse
in the dark...heading to the bathroom at 4am
good thing I have a four poster bed... that foot board post saved me
But...the four cats flying around the room like bats out of hell
with a stick of dynamite up their butt
was worth it

Yes, I have kept the feral kittens from a year and a half ago
nuts...I know
but the shelter wouldn't take them because they're feral
and know....I got attached
I have a saint for a husband
...he ignores them, but lets them stay
..a good man I married
There's an armed robber on the lose about 2 miles from here
near the store I was going to go to for a new pair of jeans
but decided to stay home because it's pouring outside
Don't you just hate an armed robber on the loose?
Five women were gunned down in that same mall about 5-6 years ago
....again I was going to go, but was too lazy to stop and get I stayed home
How many times have we had brushes with death or disaster and didn't know it?
I prayed last night
back in the saddle again

oh, that's not a picture of me.....
but a girl can dream
 ..................never did wear camouflage...darn....too late 


  1. yay. our world needs prayer. way too much pain, and chaos. our world slips ever closer to the edge.
    i am glad though that you did not fall when you tripped.

  2. I don't believe in coincidences!! Follow those hunches. I believe they come from God. : )
    I've never worn shoes like that. I like my feet too much!! : )

  3. You have lots of time for camoflage! And the mind picture of the kittens is such a delight. We now have a barn cat....with 4 kittens, they arrived in a rainstorm and a sorry wet mess they were. We wanted barn cats and now have "Ticky" and her four. She is getting quite friendly but her kittens are WILD!
    Today she got another round of flea and tick medicine...she was really infested and thats why we call her "Ticky". I wish you could see her and the ducks...the ducks think she is a danger and she really doesn't pay them any mind.
    Get youself a camo umbrella!

  4. OH that is exciting. !!! How old are they?

    1. Sorry for the delayed answer...they were just wobbling around when she got here...she must have carried them from somewhere! They are going full blast now and we can touch two of them. Ticky loves the chickens!

  5. I agree with Janean and Happyone. Last Wednesday I stopped to have coffee with my friend Pat before running errands.

    Sitting out on her patio on her new rockers, drinking coffee, we were discussing my upcoming photo exhibit in November. Somehow, the subject of my very defined calf muscles came up. (Don't ask, cause I just don't know! )

    I guess all those years being athletic - football, track, waterskiing - gave me well defined legs. But now, at 63, calf muscles are pretty much all I have left. So Pat said "Calfs Happen". I said, "That would make a great tee-shirt slogan."

    We laughed.

    Less than an hour later, standing at the back of my car, I turned ever-so-slightly to my right, and BAM! SNAP! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, MOTHER OF PEARL, BLOODY HELL!

    My soleus muscle in my calf snapped and sailor language could be heard throughout the parking lot of Home Depot!

    Just like that! No lifting, straining, no nothing. Just falling apart. I told Pat it was all her fault.

    So yeah. Perhaps there are no coincidences in life. Perhaps we are our own prophecy. But as I once wrote in an old poem, '...control is not what we do with our lives..."

  6. Oh that is something! Hope it mends quickly... If that what it has to do... No surgery, I hope. Your friend Pat sounds like a good soul

  7. Hi Suz, I'm a day late and a dollar short on reading this....but, it gave me a good laugh....too lazy to get could have taken lessons from me!! I think about how I used to run, run, run and now I crawl and wish I didn't have to do that!! Obviously, your "feral" cats have adjusted well to civilization.....Thanks for being my blog friend!! I still can't comment under my wordpress keeps telling me it doesn't recognize my openID! ugh!

  8. My first thought on seeing that picture was Suz!!!! You DIDn't! I always hated high heels -- I taught for five years in a prep school that required that female teachers wear them. The last time I tortured my feet thusly was about ten years ago at my older son's wedding. Never again.

    So glad you kept the kitties and your husband is indeed a saint. Blessings on both of you!

  9. Aww love that you kept those kitties! You have the biggest heart Suz. And lady, wear whatever you want! I'm sure you look great

  10. Hey there!! I'm so happy to hear about your kitties! And I know in time our new (old) Midgie and Baby will make nice :) It's been a long time since I wore heels like THAT! Looking back at them, maybe never. But I did wear heels all day at the office back in the 70's and 80's. I can wear them for SHORT amounts of time now. I don't know how I did it back then. Take care, Suz!

  11. Boy...isn't it the truth. We must think about each step we take.

  12. Suz, just in case you look back...I love this post! Hope you will post again. I had lost you off my blog list, with all the other blogs I follow...something stupid I did...I am adding your blog back, right now.

  13. HI. Nice that you took a peak again at my blog. I have much to say but little energy with my computer that acts up. I read everyone of your posts. Sorry about those precious guineas

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