Monday, July 10, 2017

3 out of 6 grandchildren pictured

the pieced  blessing that holds the family
 Joys and sorrows
that make up our history
of love
much love
All that matters



  1. You're back!!!
    Love IS all that matters!
    (Batman and I are expecting our first grandbaby this November, a girl, for Gretta and Ben.)

    1. Oh !!! Joy joy joy !!!
      You're going to be the best grandma

  2. Those three are so cute! My grandchildren are all grown up and I sure miss them.


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  4. i do not have kids of my own, but my nephews and nieces filled that. and yes, love is all that matters.

    miss you sister.

    fyi, what kept me busy the last two years. one, work. i worked doubly hard to save money for a downpayment, and then finally bought a house last year, august. I moved in almost a year now, sept 7. i spent a lot of time renovating the basement with a help from a friend and now i guess i can have a little time to be back in the grind.

  5. oh so good to hear from you! So happy to hear that things are going good for you! congrats on the house...I remember how much you love your Filipino grandkids are coming for a visit this weekend from California....they are the best and most good looking visit again I liked hearing from you brother

  6. Hi Suz!!! Yes, my two granddaughters bring light even when the whole world seems to have gone crazy! I'm looking to go in tiny house... next year. A bit overwhelming to downsize, but I am determined. I'm thinking that I might get back to blogging through that experience. Again, so great to know that you are still here. Until next time, be well, friend!

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