Monday, October 13, 2014

it isn't a kitty
but who knows what lurks just outside our doors
unless we put on the light and look out
we never know
This little guy was there with two raccoons
... the wounded one and another one just as big
the bigger one was on his hind legs swinging at the wounded one
I yelled out and opened the door
they all ran!!!
My husband said...are you crazy!
only the little skunk came back
and I turned off the light and went to bed

This morning, Bart and Hazel were waiting patiently for their breakfast
my, they are getting big....and no sign of any kittens


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Writing group tonight
We are supposed to be thinking about writing something on the topic of
embers and flames
..gosh I hate prompts
I threatened to write a haiku
...gasps heard around the room
Really and truly
I tried
but, they are getting a haiku
Flaming maples leaves
Room 9,Central Hospital
Winter comes, let go
I have been bummed out for a few days
overhearing something at the drugstore
not ready to write about it
last workshop it was suggested to us
to eavesdrop
catch a story
I caught one
a horrible shocking thing
that stays hooked
in me
how to make a story out of it
...all under 1000 words
The kitties are still coming
along with a big fat wounded raccoon
he sits by them like a bear
..oh...why me?

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