Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Writing group tonight
We are supposed to be thinking about writing something on the topic of
embers and flames
..gosh I hate prompts
I threatened to write a haiku
...gasps heard around the room
Really and truly
I tried
but, they are getting a haiku
Flaming maples leaves
Room 9,Central Hospital
Winter comes, let go
I have been bummed out for a few days
overhearing something at the drugstore
not ready to write about it
last workshop it was suggested to us
to eavesdrop
catch a story
I caught one
a horrible shocking thing
that stays hooked
in me
how to make a story out of it
...all under 1000 words
The kitties are still coming
along with a big fat wounded raccoon
he sits by them like a bear
..oh...why me?


  1. Hi Suz! Catching up on your blog, its been too long, and see the little cuties that have shown up at your door. They do somehow find their way to 'us' don't they?

    I hope all is well, and your writing group goes well this evening!

    1. yes they do........they know we are suckers for creatures large and small

  2. Ah Suz, love radiates out and attracts in, a blessing really although it can be wearing at times. I am intrigued by the eavesdrop story. Great image and haiku!

    1. great big hug coming your way John!

  3. oh you have me intrigued on the drugstore conversation...
    ha, a haiku...that is a threat indeed....smiles.

    hope it went well last night...

  4. Haiku teaches us to be minimal. You do it so well. Is what you overheard written in the last poem or have you yet to write something about the "horrible, shocking thing that stays hooked in me." (That is a powerful line.) I would love to hear more.

    1. the gang wants me to expand that haiku into a story....they just don't get haiku..frustrating
      I can't even tell anyone what I overheard
      too heartbreaking to me

  5. A heart so big
    Trust builds and expands
    They watch and know

  6. Hey Suz,
    I'm behind in my usual. It looks like you're having an extraordinary Fall!
    So sorry that you overheard something so disturbing! Getting hooked is a good way to put it.
    A raccoon overseeing the kittens? What happened to the Mamma?
    Here's to peace in your Spirit and joy in your heart, my friend!

    1. oh dear...last night two huge raccoons showed up on my deck and the wounded one was backing off.....right in front of a young skunk....I turned the light on and they all scampered!
      yes, quite a Fall


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