Friday, September 26, 2014

Little orange and black Glory showed up yesterday
minus belly
oh dear, dear, dear,
I wonder how many dears she had and where
She came late this morning, after her sibling, and ate hastily
but finished every bit
We were going to Galena this weekend...but oh my who will feed her..them?
I guess I will ask my mom to come late on Saturday and early on Sunday
a lot to ask of her...but I will

It is Fall already and they have just been time cold weather comes
they will still be little...
I thought I was through with cat rescuing
three years in row I rescued mom cats and kittens
found homes for them.....
got the rascal cat, Handsome, to finally except his shelter and that I was friend not foe
how I still miss that guy and his garbage truck meow
I slow roasted a chicken yesterday and today I am making broth
out of the bones and vegetables left in the bin
smells good.....such a Fall thing to do...make soup
I am trying to go back on my low carb/high fat/moderate protein diet
but it works...and I need to control my blood sugar
but the boredom....but I guess I have made cooking and eating too much of a sacred act
I need to get back to my workouts and walking...though I hate walking
I would rather spend hours lifting weights than walk aimlessly
I have a heel spur acting up right now, so that may be coloring my thinking
Tonight we join the kids and the grandkids at The United Center
for a pre-season hockey game
GO HAWKS.....oh I how I love watching hockey games...who knew?
I did manage to write something for Thursday's writing group
but alas they did not like my opening...said I was telegraphing the murder
ohhhhhh.....that was the point...I wanted you to know that he had murdered his wife
and was now playing the suffering husband looking for his missing wife
Sometimes I think they read and stop to quickly...finish goes where you don't expect it to
But they were persistent...and they didn't understand what ley lines were
I suppose I may take that criticism add a bit of info in there for those readers
who are not aware of ley important element in this story
curses.....back to the keyboard
I may give them what they want...but they'll see
my way was better.....
...Now off to make the bed and wash the morning dishes and vacuum
pay the bills and avoid the writing as much as I can


  1. the opinions of critics vs. one's own true voice...therein lies the dilemma, eh?
    your voice is fine and strong, friend, let it speak the truth.

    and those kitties. i send them courage and strength from afar.

  2. Hi Suz,
    So much on your mind! The kitties are on my mind too.....I do hope you're able to find where they are for their own sakes.....and your peace of mind!
    Enthusiastic critics....take what they say, let it rattle around in your brain a little then, stay true to are gifted, Lady!

  3. Oh, I know whose getting part of that chicken from your chicken soup...
    Oh goodness, little ones! Love your posts and love the Pooh below.

  4. Oh Suz, I so enjoy reading your posts. We have another stray cat living with us now , and she is so smart. It is so hard when you see strays and not want to help them. And writing, well it is such a personal thing because we open ourselves up in our writing. As for walking, why not get a stray dog, that changes walking completely.

  5. I thought everyone knew what Ley Lines are? Humn! Walking aimlessly is harder than going on a mission, say walking out to check sheep.

  6. We writers always know exactly what we mean -- it takes a good critique group to point out what we haven't managed to communicate..

    I made soup yesterday too -- feeling fallish..

    1. oh how much I hate to agree,
      but I listened and made changes, we'll see what they think tonight
      I managed to sneak ley in the title...hee hee

  7. Blog hopping is a great way to avoid writing. Just sayin'...

  8. I love the post pic. Skillful shot.

  9. Always nice to read about how you help the kitties. You're a special woman.


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