Thursday, February 26, 2015

Words on a snowy day

Hello there...
My computer has a patch job, so it is one knows
I wish I could say the same thing about blogger....and picasa...I still can't post photos
and what am I without pics
just words.
so it will have to do...except for the photo above taken on our way home from Galena Il
snow and sunshine and blue skies and clouds....add fields and hills
and you have magic being sighted
Here's a poem....a little one written by Valerie Worth
Garden's, fields,
the far hills,
lie deathly
with white winter,
Wide drifts
and heavy deeps
made only of
each snowflake fallen,
Like these many
still falling, these
few still alive
on my sleeve-
None anywhere
ever like
this one, this
very one.
When I stop and remember this small poem
...remember  it
after just having grumbled about another day of snow and cold
I am taken down with shame
Have I really lost the child within?
The power of poetry...ahhh
I am a child again
happy and joyful
filled with awe at what I see before me
a miracle of tiny flakes
their beauty back to where they have come from
I glisten too
..the power of just words

Friday, February 6, 2015

no computer
Been sick,Getting over a horrible virus that has taken me down since  Christmas
But I do read you all
and glory be one of my most beloved bloggers posted
I have tried using my IPad  but fat fingers and advancing age make it hard
I hope to have a computer soon
So look out..........,so much pent up writing

Cats and kittens doing well
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