Thursday, May 22, 2014

This weekend is their first trip to Galena
Maybe I'll take them over to see our friend Barb's new donkeys
...well....they might remember it...couldn't they?
It will be a full house...just like we like
except for the California ones.....Oh...did I tell you
 we are going there in june!!!
I am finally getting over this nasty virus....almost a month!
and the floors....well.....there's stain, sanding and coating tomorrow
upstairs....then onto the living room and the study and foyer
I can't wait to get back to normal around here
but being house bound has given me much to ponder
and it isn't pretty
aging is a B
and one cannot exist on mac and cheese and pretzels

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Every year in the springtime two Mallards appear in my garden 
I love to hear their quacking
Once they made a nest...with an egg...but alas, they abandoned it for some reason
 they are truly the sign that I wait for
before exhaling......Spring!!!
It has rained hard here lately...the ducks even had a few puddles to swim in...truly they did

The new wood floors  going in upstairs are almost finished
But it has been a nightmare for the cats
and me
I have been sick for a week with a virus of the ..can't lift my head off the couch..kind of virus
...sanding...pounding..banging, grinding.....stain and varnish
yikes...I don't think I am going to make it
My house looks like a hoarders ...stuff everywhere
and next week..they head downstairs
We have moved around the house at night...going from one bedroom to another
as they move us out of them
The kitties are stressed beyond belief
Abigail cries at night not knowing where we are
and Boo....well , Boo....he thinks its party time
Old Lady Ms Kitty one is moving her....
I finished that awful book.....hated every word of it...creepy
I watched the author on youtube
explained a lot to me
But the worst thing is I missed my Bookies book club discussion about it
sick......if only I had known..I could have spared myself
I am a difficult reader to please...just ask my book group
My dear mother brought over a cozy mystery for me by M.C.Beaton
Agatha Raisin mystery...Busy Body
Agatha is vain, bossy and always where the bodies are.....
gosh I love her
just what a sick woman needs while sipping hot tea and lemon
Pictures of the floors when they are finished

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