Thursday, May 22, 2014

This weekend is their first trip to Galena
Maybe I'll take them over to see our friend Barb's new donkeys
...well....they might remember it...couldn't they?
It will be a full house...just like we like
except for the California ones.....Oh...did I tell you
 we are going there in june!!!
I am finally getting over this nasty virus....almost a month!
and the floors....well.....there's stain, sanding and coating tomorrow
upstairs....then onto the living room and the study and foyer
I can't wait to get back to normal around here
but being house bound has given me much to ponder
and it isn't pretty
aging is a B
and one cannot exist on mac and cheese and pretzels


  1. oh you would be surprised what they will remember...
    adorable pics...the second on especially

  2. Oh my gosh...aren't they the most precious little beings. I know you are so happy! Bless them.

  3. Aging is a B word. I agree but we have to create an acceptance and carry on. The new life, in the form of babies, is miraculous and wonderful and gives us hope... gives us something to look forward to.
    Hope the virus and your floors are done with soon. Take care.

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  5. They are beautiful Suz. Glad you are feeling better and I hope you all have a wonderful time.

  6. What beautiful babies!!! Yes, agree on aging. Capital B. And kitties? Curiosity is their middle name! Can't wait to see the floors, etc.!

  7. Pretty adorable! 'm sorry to hear you've been laid low by a virus -- but glad you're getting better. (As my MIL used to say, 'Old Age ain't for Sissies.)

  8. Hi, Suz. I have been away from blogging for ages. Yes, I've posted my weekly poem and list, but that's about it for months and months. I have missed visiting my friends. I have missed connecting. I have missed you.

  9. mac and cheese sounds delightful:) But I know what you mean by being house can drive a person mad! Have fun in California!

  10. Add chocolate to the mac and cheese and pretzels and you've got the perfect meal!

    The babies are darling!

  11. do i need to read? oh! just the pictures are awesome! so cute!..

    love it!


    btw, I am good Sister Suz. I have been too busy. the transition from the live-in job to doing 2 parttime to make ends meet worn me out. was lucky that JC is always there to support. Now, that i got the promotion for fulltime in one of my job, i have the chance to lessen my hours in one of my parttime. now at least, i am working 11 hours in three days, 8 hours in 2 days and 2 days off. thanks for always checking on my blog. love you lots...

  12. Hey, you. Thanks for the book recommendations. I'm off to check out Agatha Raisin.

  13. start with the first one in the series

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  15. These babies are precious! I hope and pray that God will give me my own baby girl soon!

  16. Oh my! What lovelies! And I;m so glad you're feeling better!

  17. Where have you been, my friend? I miss you.


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