Saturday, August 9, 2014

Here's a shot of my late summer garden, yes only one photo..from my picture file
Blogger simply won't let me publish photos from Picasa
and what's a garden blog...or any blog without photos?
I am 62...oops...63 years old, and slowing down
so this year I let live
...even abandoned weeding because of a nasty case of poison ivy
...even my landscaper got how did that stuff get into my garden
The red twig dogwoods are puckering out too
...they may go this fall
The lilies...what can I say...they are divine creations of the Great Gardener
 faithful to grow
 and astound me when morning, afternoon and evening light passes through their delicate petals
I could just stare at them forever
As I would stare at sunflowers
stare may not be the right word.....sit in worship of them
worship with a small w
and of course the marigolds.....I hear they are making a comeback
yippee.....I have always loved these warriors of the garden
lovely in pots......blooming until they freeze to death......
Medals of honor should be bestowed on there lifeless bodies after the first frost
Maybe I will make up a ceremony...
It has been a cooler than usual summer and a wet one at times
..ha...I am never happy it seems...can fault that dang weather anytime
But was beautiful
Did I tell you...oh of course not...I haven't been blogging....
but have I told you that I am graced again with kitties at my deck black and its mate or sibling is orange and black
oh dear......what am I going to do if they have kittens under my deck?
there is a no vacancy sign on my door
But my heart simply breaks when I think about dear, dear, feral  cat
 Who the last time I saw him....over a year ago I think
was so very very sick
I recall that he ate his warmed up chicken and meowed his pitiful meow
then turned and walked into the garden bushes
and I never saw him again..oh how I miss that rascal
We will meet again I'm sure
A few times this summer I swear he rubbed up against me in the garden
something he would never do... because of his great fear
but where he is.... maybe he has no more fear
only love

I see this is posted on my other blog...sorry
it has been so long that I have blogged I goofed up
I hope you excuse how do I post this on my garden blog?


  1. So nice to see you ... There may be just one photo but is quite spectacular! I enlarged it to fill my iPad screen. Enjoy your Sunday ....

    1. Hello Helen....I have been peeking in on your blog too
      the solace from all of life's weariness.....I cn't watch the news much suffering in this the plant world the animal kingdom and most horribly the human world
      glad you liked this shot of my wild kingdom

  2. How funny, I thought of you today. And came online and found your post. Glad I did. Great photo...great words.

    1. hello are a warrior.....I follow every post you make...they render me speechless...but know that I read every one
      I am so p-off at picasa and blogger.....they have ruined my blogging experience
      maybe my followers are just going to have to read my props
      ....oooo that is scary
      carry on brave woman hug

  3. Finally you're back! About the photos, blogger did that to me one time and thank goodness it was Anne (bless her soul) who came to my rescue. I will probably have to do it again, but i had to go into Picasa and delete some photos from there in order to add more to my blog. It was easy if I can ever get back there. The thing to remember is that when you delete any from there, they automatically come off your blog too, so delete ones that are way back in the past. I also printed those pages before i deleted the photos. This was a beautiful post, as always and we must see some pictures of those new visitors. I love the dogwood too; it's magical...and the sunflowers and the marigolds and the...and the...and the. And love the memory of "Handsome"...

    1. I don't think it is a picture quantity...but I could try that
      sometimes I could burst just wanting to blog....but I am a visual person
      I can't get pics of those new visitors...they spot me peeking out the window and they are gone in seconds
      they orange and black on has a big orange spot across its eye and pretty....but for heaven's sake where do all these animals come from
      I cleaned up the heated igloo just in case...winter is terrible for these ferrals

  4. A welcome mistake Suz! I really enjoyed the read and I feel your sadness for your stray cat, we had one as well, he did live with us for a little while until he died of what we think was cat aids, the vet wasn´t sure. We were blessed by his love.

    1. ha there are no mistakes... I heard once
      Hello John...I just knew you had a heart for all creatures large and small
      I like what you write to Elena.....I also heard once that dogs are lost/cats are strays.........discrimination even in the animal world sigh

  5. oh i feel for you and your cat...and maybe he is there somewhere and you will meet him again....your garden looks healthy...with all the rain we have had this week my grass is very healthy...ha....

  6. funny about rain in the think you can't take anymore...then one hot week and your praying for rain....or risk violating town rules about watering
    ..sort of like writing

  7. Oh, how I have missed you Suz! I was just about to resort to snail mail...which I may anyhow. So nice to have you pop in for a bit. Cats. Yes. They are some of the best. xo

  8. I have just begun to fall in love with growing things this summer. It has been a pure delight, and your post makes me even more excited about it. Thanks.

  9. Suz, your garden is beautiful!!! <3 Has it really been a year? Man how time flies

  10. You may not post a lot but your words are so well worth the wait! Cats are dear even in a feral state. They include you in little ways that maybe only you and the cat recognize....but the connections are there!


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