Saturday, April 30, 2011

a wandering

Oh boy did I need a trip here
I went there yesterday
...a wandering
Love wandering
It nurtures me to browse sometimes
men don't get this...too bad
at least mine doesn't
I let my mind wander
pushing a cart down the aisles
back and forth no destination
just comfort in seeing such pretty things
I hope I never ever give up on wanting pretty things
a beating heart desires
not for much at my age.. but it does
Like a new glass pitcher to hold my cherry juice
..juice that I partake of for inflammation
Did you know that cherry juice is good for pain relief?
Well mine is now served in the prettiest glass qt pitcher
with a red top
Ah the joy of beauty
Then I went on to buy  new Ralph Lauren fluffy towels
Oh they are going to be nice..the old ones I'll donate to the animal shelter
I believe in re-purposing...and I love animals

But the purchase that nearly swelled my heart to bursting
was 4 little sundresses for Little Miss
Oh how I miss don't go crying now Suz
It's how it is..they living in California and you in Illinois
It is how it is.
Love can be mailed too   

Friday, April 29, 2011



Ah, the joy of words
This is from a page in my discovery journal
I guess at the time I was drawn to these wise words
yet to be manifested in my own life
But I didn't know that then...but I know that now
I never realized at the time how much I looked outward for
but I know that now
and for a while I had deep sweet sadness over it
how much of my life I wasted....
But the journey forward
of honest revelations to myself about my self
was truly a joy of discovery
and it was work
sweet loving work
To know who you are and what you need in your life
is one of life's miracles
Blessed are you
 if this happens to you
It only widens your life
Like a cozy cottage of so many windows
that when you open one window another appears
...greater joy ...your view
Lately I have been doing a lot of applauding invigorating to your being
I have said no when I wanted and needed to
and yes... when I so wanted to
both of these worthy of applause
I have had an honest talk with myself
about exercise and eating
that has rewarded me with more energy
I have nurtured inner needy little child
with nature and art and music
I have kept the old gal alive with beauty and grace
and red shoes and jingly bracelets's grand....clapping for yourself

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

reflection upon reflection
a life examined
what was real
what was distorted
looking through these

Monday, April 25, 2011

We had a wonderful Easter
except for the family that was missing
celebrating in California
I wish it were not so
But it is
But this grandma held them in her heart
and Skype had to do
We booked rooms in a very nice Downtown hotel
and had a good time
Finn having plenty of room to run around our suite
We ate in a restaurant, had room service
swam,church,and all around good fun
but I never forgot the ones
that weren't there
I miss them so
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One last slide down the stairs on their butts before heading back home to Laguna Beach
 Off and on, someone was sick, sometimes two were sick
 but there were moments of pure bonding this week despite all the illness
Did you ever hear of Virus X...well little Master had that one
 let's see....We had strep,fever,rash,vomiting,the nasty D, cough, and headaches But we made it through grandpa is sick
can I be far behind?
 Oh well...goes with the territory and I love this
I got not one bit of writing done this week, no gardening,no walking no blogging
I hope tomorrow to return in full..reading up on all your blogs
'cause I luv you all...truly dear friends that I share my life with
 parts of my being that no one else knows about me
..back to normal
back to missing them
back to life as it is
living it as it comes in pure joy and gratefulness
and a hug to all of you special ones who missed me
 little me....gosh that humbles me
 but it swells my heart
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