Monday, April 25, 2011

We had a wonderful Easter
except for the family that was missing
celebrating in California
I wish it were not so
But it is
But this grandma held them in her heart
and Skype had to do
We booked rooms in a very nice Downtown hotel
and had a good time
Finn having plenty of room to run around our suite
We ate in a restaurant, had room service
swam,church,and all around good fun
but I never forgot the ones
that weren't there
I miss them so
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  1. Sad, but love knows no distance

  2. sorry you were missing some...and glad you had a good time with htose you were with...smiles.

  3. Yeah, tough when the rest of the family is so far away.

  4. yes, we were alone, too. but those that were together away from us called and spread the love.

  5. Yes, they are always in our hearts.

  6. So hard, isn't it. Lovely photo. Your day sounds wonderful =-)


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