Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One last slide down the stairs on their butts before heading back home to Laguna Beach
 Off and on, someone was sick, sometimes two were sick
 but there were moments of pure bonding this week despite all the illness
Did you ever hear of Virus X...well little Master had that one
 let's see....We had strep,fever,rash,vomiting,the nasty D, cough, and headaches But we made it through grandpa is sick
can I be far behind?
 Oh well...goes with the territory and I love this
I got not one bit of writing done this week, no gardening,no walking no blogging
I hope tomorrow to return in full..reading up on all your blogs
'cause I luv you all...truly dear friends that I share my life with
 parts of my being that no one else knows about me
..back to normal
back to missing them
back to life as it is
living it as it comes in pure joy and gratefulness
and a hug to all of you special ones who missed me
 little me....gosh that humbles me
 but it swells my heart


  1. I did miss you--and wondered if you were on vacation. Seems that you had a fun-filled (if a little germy) family time!

  2. I was hoping that you were having a wonderful time - the little ones being so ill wasn't good and I do hope they will be fully well soon - but any time with them must be special. And what very beautiful little ones they are too. I can see why you are head over heels in love with these precious flowers in your garden of life.

  3. Sounds like you all had a great time, even with the bugs. Hope "Grandpa!" is ok, and so glad to have "Grandma" back.

  4. John,Marilyn,and Michael
    you are the best..thanks
    nothing like being a loved grandma

  5. smiles. hope you enjoyed that bump down the stairs and get a chance to catch your breath...smiles.

  6. Have missed you Suz,but knew that you must be enjoying the time with your family!

  7. Glad you've been enjoying life! Was a bit concerned about your MIA status in blogworld, left a message on your other blog, but good that you're safe and happy!

    See you soon!


  8. Glad to see you back.
    Hope all the sickness is gone for good!!

  9. I thought about you the other day, but then I saw that your last post was about your granddaughter so I figured you were being Grandma. Glad you're back! Hopefully you'll remain healthy...

  10. Of course we've missed you, but we knew you were away for the very best of reasons!

  11. I'd HOPED you were with the little ones....and you were! Of COURSE I missed you..


  12. That is just the cheekiest, gorgeous little face. Lucky you!

  13. Ah Stafford..she is
    and I am
    She is just the granddaughter that I wished for...


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